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Good riddance

Only 34 years late.


they should bury her on the moors and don't tell her friends and family, then they can spend years looking for her grave!!! :mad:


without wanting to sound too vindictive but she died saying "I want my mum"

a. do you think her mother would have cared?
b. That thought never stopped her on the moors did it?
Ironic really,

That's what a lot of her victims said. I hope she roasts in hell if there is one.

But, let's keep an eye to the living, and do what we can, to preserve the well-being of our offspring



I have this mental image of her arriving at the pearly gates full of her faux converted goodness only to be greeted by St Peter pointing to the lift with the phrase "going down" on his lips.  How sad that she died warm and comfortable.


Just pulled this from the Sun-Online.

Last night a source at Suffolk’s Highpoint Jail, where Hindley was held until her death, said she made the donations in a cynical bid to prove she was fit for release.

But a confidante of thekiller claimed she was “genuinely fond of children”.

Hindley also gave money to other child welfare organisations such as the National Children’s Homes.

The cheques, which were accompanied by a note clearly indicating they came from an M. Hindley, were accepted by the charities.

Hindley, who died on Friday of bronchial pneumonia brought on by heart disease, was awash with cash sent to her by supporters.

She received up to £400 a month but was allowed to spend £25 a week in jail. So she had plenty to give away.

But the jail source said: “If she thought that sending cheques to children’s charities would absolve her of guilt, she was stupid as well as evil.

Too right mate!

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