Good result

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by auxie, May 20, 2008.

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  1. Good. His family sound like a right bunch of scrotes as well.
  2. Definitly a good result lock the fcuking scroat up. However I doubt the 16 year old complainant is totally innocent.
    Good to see a 'celebrity' getting just desserts!

    "Sweet little Jonny couldn't possibly be doing anything wrong, hanging around the town centre in the middle of the night."

    Should've locked both of the fcukers up.
  3. Just another scrote who happens to play football. No sympathy whatsoever; either for him or his family.

  4. Lets hope a shower visit by Bubba is forthcoming
  5. The Barton group was involved in some verbal exchanges with others before the attack happened.

    Joey Barton was caught on CCTV knocking an unidentified man to the ground. He then straddled him and punched him four or five times as his cousin threw food at the victim before the Premier League player punched him up to 15 times more.

    Minutes later, the midfielder attacked a 16-year-old, punching him and leaving him with broken teeth.

    Barton is 25 for fcuks sake. He sounds like a little bullyboy who needs his head caving in.
  6. Put a piece of sh1t in a suit and it's still a piece of sh1t.
  7. Aw, what a shame!!!!!
  8. His team should sack the jumped up arrogant little shiite.

    If I were to do a stretch in the nick, my employer would sack me.
  9. Moyes dumped him out of Goodison because he was a problem, while he was with Man City he stubbed a cigar out on a team mate at a Christmas party and attacked a 15yr old on a pre season tour in Thailand. Newcastle should sell him on he's a liability. He could try American football as by the time he gets out he should be a decent wide receiver
  10. Seconded.

    NHI - No Humans Involved! :twisted:
  11. Not defending barton, but I've punched 14-16 yr olds , if they act the big man treat them like it, I would agree that 20 times and knocking out teeth is a bit over the top.

    But some kids deserve a bloody nose, might help them grow up.
  12. Why make an issue out it being a 16 yr old, how many reports in media in last couple of years tell of 13/14/15/16 yr olds killing, maiming, or just beating seven kinds od sh1t out of people. This guy deserves prison for being a scrote who commited assault, the fact the victim was a teenager is not so much of an issue.
  13. NHI - I like that...yes that tickles me.

    Perhaps we should be able to give non-human punishments, like putting them down for example?
  14. Oh and on the downside, I am disappointed that the CPS couldn't get a case together on "hard man" Ollie Barkley...