Good restaurants in London?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by smartascarrots, Mar 9, 2008.

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  1. Right, lads and lasses, I'm in a bit of a pickle. Next Friday is The Jade Dream's birthday and my arrangements have just been shot out of the water. She's working in London all week and was supposed to be flying up on Friday afternoon, but a meeting has been rescheduled and she won't be back until too late.

    I've managed to scramble Plan B together, a city break sans kids, but need a good restaurant for the Friday evening within reasonable striking distance of Bishopsgate. Indian or Thai preferably, but any recommendations gratefully received so long as the prices are London-reasonable.
  2. Wong Kei in Wardour St used to be splendid! Full of Chinese people, which is usually a good sign!
  3. Kwan Thai, Hay's Galleria

    Linky here

    Not far from HMS Belfast, and overlooks the Thames. I think the Riverboat stops there as well.
  4. Thai Square City
    Cuisine: Thai
    starters £4.50-£6, mains £6.95, sides £4.75, desserts £3.50-£3.95, Lunch Express (in Bar) £6.95-£8, set menus £18&£27, lowest bottle price £9.95

    136-138 The Minories, EC3

    Nearest Tube: Aldgate/Tower Hill

    Description: Thai Pot Group is a chain of authentic Thai restaurants that serve food with a distinctive style which is constantly being reinvented with new and exciting flavours. Thai Square City is part of the Thai Pot chain. Catering for private parties of up to 150 guests is available upon request.

    Phone: 020 7680 1111
    Open: Mon to Thurs 12.00-20.00; Fri 12.00-23.30

    Enjoy :D
  5. Ta much folks. My taste-buds are tingling already.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    For curry, the Cafe Spice Namaste is for winners!

    Quality food, avoiding the Brick Lane 'everything in a masala sauce' trap
  7. Try scanning through the Eating Out thread on the officer's forum
  8. Yes, and the waiters are ever so charming... :D
  9. Asia de Cuba, St Martins Lane. Outstanding food, on the fairly expensive side if you enjoy a couple of bottles of wine and can go the full distance on the meal - which I can't.
  10. They're the best bit!

    " fok, you eat chinese way,or no eat a'all !!Why you want got tea!!" :D
  11. Ooooooh now that is a good place!! Haven't been there for donkey's though.
  12. Seconded.
    However once you've finished your eating experience make sure you walk west (or South if you want to pick ap a cab in Mansell St) and not east; Tower Hamlets is a grim old place.
  13. If you want to impress her then I would suggest Saturday lunch at the Dorchester. If you book through Top Table they have a special deal at the moment, 3 courses for £27.50. Drinks are a bit steep, but you should be able to get a meal for two with a decent bottle of wine for under £100. For a Michelin stared restaurant in London, this is a good deal.

  14. Bring a stop watch to time yourself eating, to avoid being hurry-upped by them. Also pray that whoever gets stucjk on your table, to share the romantic vibe, is neither a back-packer or a stranger to personal hygiene.

    I recommend the Korean place next door (downstairs) to Holborn tube. Asadal it is called, my Googling fingers tell me. The cooking your own food on a little barby at the table is great fun. Have the mixed kimchee...mmm!
  15. The Blue Elephant. Another fine place - ask for a table on the bridge. Mrs Bigeye and I celebrated our engagement there many years ago. I celebrated my divorce in IndoPak Paradise in Pimlico : another great Indian eatery