Good reports from Basra

This from an Iraqi blog:

The British military patrol the streets all the time, but I didn't hear any body complaining about that, the people were more cooperative and peaceful and I didn't hear any one condemning the "occupation".
It's been a very long time since any aggression was committed against the coalition in Basra, at the same time the British soldiers were very gentle with the people, always showing respect to their traditions, one of the folks there told us that the British soldiers distributed gifts(t-shirts, candies, radios..etc)to the poor families in Basra on the occasion of the last ID.

and this:

As a result the British troops feel the safety, I saw them during the their patrols, their situation is different from the Americans, I noticed the following:
Their patrol vehicles are different from the Americans, British soldiers are standing in their vehicles and their bodies are clearly seen, in spite of that, they are not afraid, because the city is safe.
Whereas the poor Americans are sitting inside their humvees and avoid staying in clear situations to avoid the possible attacks.
In addition, the British soldiers are walking in Basrah during their patrols, I saw some of the soldiers were sitting in front of a hotel talking and laughing, then they stood up and continued their duty. While the Americans were doing that, but now they don’t, they are usually inside the humvees paying attention even for simple things.
Due to the safe environment, Basrah will be a great city and I see those are the first steps on the way of prosperity.

Regardless who has the most experience at patrolling and keeping peace in trying times so long as the peace is brought about eventually. Iraq, I would imagine is no where like Northern Ireland although the experience the Brits obtained there could have helped. Where as the Americans do not and cannot patrol with Military within the US. That is the jurisdiction of Civilian Law Enforcement, which could consist of only a very few of the Military Reservists activated.
and the kind of casualty count that the Americans are bearing (almost 10%) would force many of those other countries to withdraw their forces.

Sean where did you get that 10% from? Sounds bogus to me (not to mention the units involved)

Why are the pommies having an easier time of it? Already stated, the GIs are doing the heaviest lifting .
Seen the comments section?.
Read through the blogs and the associated links

Either there are a couple of lazy writers there , or there is something iffy.

Some of the comment writers seem to wonder about them too.

Still if it is all getting better, then it's all to the good

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