Good reminder the bad guys are watching

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by jumpinjarhead, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. True and also a bit of a cautionary tale as to how easy it is for them to get actionable intel.
  2. Only scanned a couple of threads, but mostly they seemed to show how good MRAPs are.

    Excellent pictures, possibly taken by the investigation team?

    WTF are they doing on the net though?
  3. My point exactly. I am not even an engineer but I could use those pictures and the knowledge of the type and amount of explosives used to defeat the protective features of the vehicle.
  4. What a bunch of untermensch these Jihadists are. They should all be napalmed and their subhuman corpses fed to pigs.
  5. Don't hold back now-how do you REALLY feel? :lol:
  6. Those are some very detailed photo's.

    Were they taken from someone's blog....we all know how we like to take happy snaps?...and its obviously as easy for them to trawl for unintentionally useful easy as it is for us to get photos from that site.

    This is why it always makes me a little uneasy when the UK media gives out information on serving soldiers, considering the amount of freaks we have living in the UK who actively detest us.

    Maybe its because the UK is not on a war footing,rather its a conflict as the politicians class it....the old constant reminders about " the walls have ears " approach used in the last war seem totally absent today.
  7. I seem to be mellowing somewhat in my old age!

  8. I know the feeling. :lol:
  9. Perhaps fed to pigs whilst still alive and then once consumed, have the pigs napalmed and then fed to Jihadist prisoners.. recycling in action!

    Of course my sympathy is entirely with the inncoent pigs.

  10. Hmmm, seems that 'Insurgent' has yet to meet 'Extremist' for some serious cognitive behaviour termination.

    They are rather good them MRAPs though aren't they?
  11. Of course, now we have all been flagged up by GCHQ as clicking on a dodgy website. Maybe I can convince them it was a mistake, I was just looking for kiddieporn!
  12. There's not enough stuff out there of blown up insurgents. Can we do something in regards to this?
  13. Apologies for not putting up a suitable warning for you gubmint types using your computers for such fluffery as ARRSE! :lol:
  14. But nice!! :twisted: