Good Regt / Unit Websites?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by danglydell, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. We have just moved from 36 Sigs to 6 Regt AAC and the number of enquiries we used to receive through the Regt website was impressive (not fantastic, but worth the effort) - probably 3 or 4 a week.

    I'm trying to persuade the powers-that-be within 6 Regt that the website can be a very effective recruiting aid and that the content needs to be 'updated', along with an effective means for potential recruits to get in touch.

    So, I'm looking to steal ideas that work - can anyone recommend any good Regt /unit websites?

    36's website can be found here:

    6 Regts here:
  2. Has anyone considered doing a Myspace page with a few photos and a link to their unit's official page?

    I was thinking that this may be a good way of getting more hits on, and thereby potentially more recruits from our unit web page.

  3. Myspace page? Good idea. I think the army are probably the only people in the world who don't have a page. The state of unit websites is appalling.
  4. Found this one yesterday and was fecking impressed as I didnt realise the Bn had it in them to produce something of this callibre

    3 Royal Anglian
  5. Just had a look and its a good site from the perspective of content - but its not an official site - I presume there's nothing wrong with creating an unofficial site?
  6. I believe unofficial sites are a big no-no
  7. the websites need lots of warry pictures to look at. The 4Para one is good. Internet is definately underated, I know when i joined my first place to look was the internet and then I applied for an info pack not the other way around.
  8. Downloadable info packs which you have to register your contact details for before you can download them are quite a good idea I've seen on some non-TA related websites. Of course there's probably nothing to stop people just making rubbish up to fill in as contact details but I'd assume that's easily flitered.
  9. Look for inspiration from all around you, young padewan.

    7 RIFLES have a good official site - see here. I think it strikes the right balance between warry pics and adequate (but not too much) information for the interested new joiner. Their regimental site is also great in terms of content, albeit a bit "busy" and slightly wonky in layout.

    4 PARA's official site is great.

    Note that among the things which the 7 RIFLES and 4 PARA websites have in common is that they are kept up-to-date. That is essential. Don't make your site so huge that it becomes impossible to maintain.

    The HAC's official site is a bit pants but their unofficial one looks great. The content is a bit jolly-hockey-sticks but then that's what SF-lite is all about, eh? *dodges incoming*

    Another unofficial one with great design is that of the Light Dragoons. Keep refreshing their home page for some great use of artwork (the Rifles are good from this perspective, too).

    There are other good ones but modesty prevents me from naming them. Just go here and trawl through them.

    Bear in mind that a new universal brand style is in the works for the official website. The scope for having an individual regimental look will be much reduced, as the advertising and brand identity Nazis appear to be winning (indeed the colours of the site will be red, black, sand, white and silver). So be prepared for your hard work to be undone pretty soon.
  10. Exactly why I'm pushing the 'net as a good starting place for new recruits. I know that when I started, the TAC was a very daunting place - I was a bit whimp-ish and didn't want to rock-up and say 'Hello, I'd like to join'. Offering potential recruits the opportunity to see what its all about along with the option to register their details with no obligation is a big plus.
  11. Thankyou Obi Wan - I was just being a bit slack really ;-)
  12. The *official* HAC site is a bit pants, but the *unofficial* version is fecking cool - kinda makes me what to up-sticks and move to the big-smoke...
  13. At the risk of turning this into a my-units-website-is-better-than-yours sort of parade here is my unit's and I reckon it holds its own:
    Westminster Dragoons

    Certainly by looking at all the aforementioned websites you'll be able to get a good idea of some of the possibilities open to you.

    Luckily I'm not so modest!
  14. Yea they are not sure what this website is???? I got the link off a user on this site If you Google 3 R Anglian it brings up this Link

    But as the one I first mentioned it has a space for CO Blog it must be official. However further down on Google the following link appears with the following statement:

    [/quote]3 Royal AnglianThe (Currently) un-official website of the 3rd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment. 3rd Battalion are a territorial army (TA) unit within the British Army. - 9k - Cached - Similar pages