Good recruitment agencies?

Reed#s are pretty bang on once you have uploaded a half decent CV, they look for oppertunities for you, I was offered something at their office in my neck of the woods as a recruitment consultant but the basic salary left something to be desired... that's just me being a typical mid 30-year old STAB with a degree mentality of having more "self importance" arrogance however
I am looking for something more than my current job, so I signed up to a recruitment agency.

I then found out I got an interview for a SEO job in the Civil Service. Agency wanted to meet me on a certain day. to which I said it wasn't good, as I had 'another iron in the fire.' I didn't elaborate.

Now, I shouldn't have said that, but the recruiter wasn't listening to what I was saying and was trying to pigeonhole me into a certain role (presumably, because they had a skill gap in that area).

I then get an e-mail, wishing me luck, but they would like company details, as they would hate 'to send my cv to the same company'. My bull-sh!t detector went off and I told them not to worry as the recruiter is not with any agencies.

I assumed that if I had informed them, then public sector or not, the agency would be attempting to make contact with the department trying to sell a sh!t-load of competitors at a nice profit. Even more-so if it was a private organisation.

Am I paranoid or bang-on-the money here?
Paranoia might be a bit strong, but you a wise to be circumspect.
Treat them as you would Estate Agents or Car Sales; as their DNA is the same.

They are out to make a living, they do so through commission, by selling candidates to companies.

It is in their interest that you get hired and stay. Out of the hundred or so I have dealt with, I would still only recommend 4.

Good Luck!

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