Good recruitment agencies?

A good recruitment agency i have used is Acorn, they are all over the uk and have a huge selection of jobs, thats how i got mine and how im out in 2 weeks!
Been looking for some contract work and responded to an ad by ATA the other day. It said they were recruiting people in my field.
Sent CV, endured an hour long telephone interview restating what was on the CV before finally being told "we've got things coming in all the time" - no actual real positions at all. Tossers.
Could you expand on the consequences of this legislation? The link doesn't give much away.
This might be a better link, That should explain both your day one rights, in addition to the 12 week rights.

"The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) will be implemented in the UK on 1st Ocotober 2011. The purpose of the regulations is to provide temporary workers with equal treatment in terms of basic working and employment conditions as if they had been employed directly to do the same job. The rights will apply after a 12 week qualifying period.

Following the 12 week qualifying period the temporary workers will be entitled to equal treatment, including; pay, working hours, overtime, breaks, holidays and access to training and collective facilities. Equal treatment does not apply to sick pay or paternity/maternity leave."

Now watch the agencys start to try and work around the new regs
Thanks for that. I suspect that won't apply to most of the work in my line as I tend to bill them through my Ltd Co. but it's good to know about it.
Any ex sigs, or people with IT / network experince, there is a fair bit going in the broadcast industry. here is a good one:
grapevinejobs – for media jobs, television jobs and film jobs

Finance / IT / Broadcast, these guys are on the money:
Caspian One: Banking Technology and Broadcast Technology Recruitment Experts

Also monsterjobs, but that like is in thwere early pages here.

If anyone does go down the broadcast route, PM me, I might me able to help, or at least put you in touch with someone.
Just a note of caution for those even considering a career in the City - don't - the door is closed and firmly shut. Some pundits are expecting large scale restructures ( job losses) due, in the main, to increased regulation.

Difficult to even start to see any improvement for those with direct experience in the City. 2012 looks bleak and whatever happens to financial services impacts 30% of our GDP and will eventually impact the broader economy ( job opportunities).

I expect that the economy will worsen in 2012. If you can, get the **** out of Europe!

Is it really this impossible to find any other job now? | News |
A classic from GI Group: "You don't have the right experience and you're overqualified" WTF? Surely one or the other! :?
Replying to the original thread of ‘good recruitment agencies’ ....

Since moving into this sector back in 2005 I have seen an increase in the number of recruitment agencies providing support for those that have served in our Armed Forces.

My initial advice to any ex-military jobseeker is to keep all your options open as inevitably ‘great feedback’ will stem from those that have successfully been placed into employment by specific agencies. Approach your job search in a methodical and structured format working to a clear plan thus ensuring that you do not miss any potential routes to finding employment and always, yes always, attempt to follow up every application.

I have written a couple of early articles on our sister site that may be of interest, please visit:

Ex-Military Job Seeking Advice

All the best

Hi, just wanted to throw my hat into the ring.

Been out for about a year and a bit and found the whole thing a bit messy to say the least. Not many rec firms out there can interpret the Forces CV. I know mine went through a fair few revisions. Also they tend to look for keywords and ignore the implied specialisms that come from a Forces career.

One firm I know of is Force Select - specialise in Forces only, most industries. EX-RE recruitment as well, a franchise operation. Force Select were helpful when Iwas looking around London and cover all ranks and specialisms.

The major recruitment firms: Michael page, Hays etc all tend to specialise. Those two tend to be more finance focused, for example. If you want consultancy or industry then sub-sets of those may have roles being advertised. for eg: Oil Recruitment

Anyone know of others out there?
I find Matchtech to be very helpful.

Personally I find that using Recruitment Agencies yields very little in the way of results.
All the interviews I have had have resulted from approaching or applying to employers directly.
I get about a very very poor response rate from agencies adverts. What irks me most is when they approach me, I then write a CV and covering letter as per their direction and then hear nothing (after chasing them down it am then over/under qualified experienced, etc etc).

Remember they only get paid if someone gets employed. So they are only interested in someone who is a dead cert to be employed. Its a bit like walking into a car showroom, the salesman comes up and starts to chat with you, but the minute he spots you aren't buying a car today, his interest in you evaporates. They don't give a monkeys about you, your mortgage, your aspirations.
If you are lucky they might be experienced in the industry you are applying for, but more often than not they will know nothing about the military and don't want to know.

I am also finding Having an Army background is not an advantage in 90% of cases (even in a directly comparable industry like mine - logistics). At best I am finding it neutral asset, but more likely a negative. I lost out on a job the other day, because although they really wanted to give me the job because I had fresh new ideas, was enthusiastic, etc etc, the other chap had more civilian experience.

I wish I could say that this is just my cynical and bitter experience, but sadly in discussion yesterday with some friends who are in the same position as me (including a WO1 and Lt Col), they wholeheartedly agreed.

Good Luck
Hello all.

I am ex RA & RHA, now working as a defence recruitment consultant for CBSbutler. I am focussing on ex forces to defence recruitment. Currently working on a number of vacancies for DSAT trainers, but interested to see the CVs of any ex forces people looking for defence work.

Please send your CVs to and I will see what I can do.

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