Good recruitment agencies?


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Not sure if such a thing exists!  Any good recommendations....... :)
Depends on what you want to do, many are focussed on specific industries.


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Thinking for myself in terms of marketing, project management type of thing.  

However, the thread was for anybody in any career to post and give a helping hand to those seeking new employment.


Try these L-G:

lots of useful links including Companies Database, job search, newspaper links, mortgages, housing and more.

The list is an all rank tri service business and job search directory, started by an ex gunner officer. Consists of a bound book or cd rom published 3 times a year, subscription based. Provides contact, marketing and other details of thousands of members, either in business, or seeking employemnt. Very useful for forming contacts.

Also the Liquid List, which is an informal network, social and business, for service and former serving forces. Including those now in business of all ranks, they meet on the first Thursday of each month (Not Jan) in a non military environment. Again a fantastic chance to meet potential employers and build contacts etc.

Aimed mainly at the ex officer, but has useful information for all ranks, CV Tips etc. Again very helpful links and contact numbers for recrutment agencies. Says ex officer, but these agencies will be happy to talk to anyone ex forces, due to the skills they aquired whilst in the forces.

This one is just for the ex Officers, self explanatory, just look at the web site.

All of these sites can offer assistance/advice to anyone considering leaving, if you are going to take that step then don't leave things to the last minute, use your time now and all resources available.

Hope that helps.


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Here's some Project Management ones!
Programme Management

PMP - Project Management Professionals
01494 479650

ICR Group
01274 821111

Elan It
020 7830 1547

Hays IT
01525 229252

0207 842 4874

Methods Applications
0207 240 1121

0207 654 1022

Strategic Resource Group
01628 507777

Computer Futures
01628 789100

Project IT Resources
01483 576660


;D Can recommend Berkeley Scott Group - www.bsg.plc but then I would as my fiancee works for them and she needs to keep her job long enough for me to have found another one!! :eek: Specialise in Hospitality, Marketing, etc.
Agree with 749, they don't exist.  That is until you have relevant experience in an industry.


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It is like everything else in soldiering / life - proper prior planning and a damn good recce solves lots of problems.....

Once you are an agency it all depends how you sell yourself, your skills and your knowledge - you said it in your other post on this part of the forum....


LG, agreed, but I think there are better faster and more efficient ways to find your first job when leaving HMF.

1.  Networking with friends
3.  Recruiting fairs



Here is the contact details of the recruitment agency I used when I left the army. They are quite good. They will review your CV to ensure it shows in “civi speak” what you can actually do. They will coach you for that all important first interview which really does help no end. They got me my first job as well as jobs for a few friends when they left. Highly recommended. There is a seperate page that lists agencies which might also be useful.

There is a lot of ex mil guys out here who will always go that bit further to take on someone leaving. I have hired several guys and girls coming out and none of them have let me down. Good luck with the search. Getting the first job is always the hardest.

I have been out for 7 years now and work on a freelance basis so use several agencies to find work. Most of them require experience before they will touch you. If anyone has any questions you think I might be able to help with feel free to PM me and I will do my best to help.

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