Good Reasons To Join The Signals

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by 02warnerj, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. i am hopefully going to be joining the royal signals to be be a communication systems operator and i have just passed selection i have been told that my next interveiw will be based on the selection officer trying to make me join the infantry so i would i some good reason why i would like to join the royal signals apart from ...cause the job sounds good and it was recomended... so if you have any ideas as to what i can say they would be greatly apreciated thank you..
  2. Perhaps im having a different time of things to most people as im set on joining the infantry already, and had no need to convince the recruiter on what i wanted to do, he advised me that there was a lot of other options available to me with my GCSE's and my barb score. (only a fecking 58, i honestly cant believe the story about some of the 90's on here)

    Overall im dead set on the infantry however i have RAC and Royal Signals down as second and third choice, just to give me a bit of room to do something different should my oppinion change in the coming weeks.

    The reason i asked for the royal signals is because by my understanding theyre the IT and Comms branch of the army, and if i was to go try for a civi job it would be in the IT sectorand ive always had a great interest in IT as computers are great fun ;D
  3. A reason he might be making you consider the infantry is because of thier numbers, due to recent events there has been a recruiting shortfall in the whole army (but i feel that the inf would have possibly felt the main brunt of it with caring family members advising against the thought of their loved ones coming back.) my bro recently went through a careers office and the bloke was trying his hardest to get him into the inf.... these people have targets to meet. the places where they need the most blokes is where they will try to coerse you into.

    reasons to join the signals- use thier own "Propaganda" against them, grab a pamphlet and recite the reasons back to them.

    of course the royal sigs does offer the opportunity to work with some decent kit, and with new systems coming in and all the changes we are almost over the dark ages. i believe now more than ever is a good time to join the signals.

    be warned that any "id like to work with radios" comments will be swiftly intercepted with "we have a signals platoon in the infantry" try to construct counter arguments if your heart is dead set on it.

    the royal signals does do comms. but try not to think of the guy on his belt buckle calling in fire control orders and contact reports... it is possible but our bag is supplying HQs with the neccisary comms to win thier battle.

    any other Qs and ill try to help.
  4. when i went for my seconds interveiw which was before my selection i was saying near on exactly what was on the 2 peices of paper and he kept saying no thats not right bla bla bla and corecting me on every thing *he was in the signals* it was kind of embarrsing thats why i done this i got it recomended to me by this guy who is in the infanty of bebo. i still cant realy sus out what i am going to say cause i dont want a repeat of the previous interveiw.
  5. was his name golden by any chance....i wouldnt follow his advice :p
  6. i cant be assed to look what his name was but golden sure wasnt it ... edited lol
  7. In the Royal Signal we have a footprint in all areas of the military and our reach is global. Mainly we are there to provide the staff with the communications infrastructure to allow them to win the battle. The Royal Signals is in IMHO the best Corps to go for and will give you the skill set that you can take on to civilian life when you decide to leave. Stick with the choice on joining the Royal Signals you won't regret it, though it will take a fair while until you get to a working unit.
  8. and the reason the guy is saying all the stuff in the signals is wrong is because the old pamphlets are most likely still in the ACIO. the sigs has just gone under some big changes and not all the info out there is going to be up to date... most importantly dont get forced into anything you dont want to do.

    as said above by a very wise man just say "no... id like to join the signals please."

    royal signals up to date trade info

    any dramas mate, post on here im sure one of us can help.
  9. I agree with Easy. Have a browse through the Signals forum and then perhaps ask for thoughts on the CS Op trade in general. It is now basically the unified operator trade with a huge variety in HF/VHF/UHF comms as well as plenty of hands-on various computer systems. Because it is the single operator trade, there are diverse opportunities all over the world.

    Infantry signallers are extremely good at what they do, however their focus is predominantly battlefield radio systems (VHF and HF) and their employment is therefore more defined (big fish in small pond), while RSIGNALS have a wider scope than just frontline secure radios; adding in satellite, digital and tropospheric comms, working with some very specialised and often rather hush-hush technical kit. Again, it's all very good for subsequent employment in civvie-street when you leave.

    Good luck!
  10. Warner,

    I think its all been said by the other signals types on here. Theres more to the Royal Signals CS Op than just manpack radio. As well as diversifying on Combat Net Radio, Trunk and the Possibility to do Satellite communication , theres also some computer networking skills, and god only knows what else. We have units that deploy along side more front line troops should that float your boat (216 to name one) and at a HQ you get to see the bigger picture too, stand back and actually see how it all pieces together, where all the different branches work to make it flow (she says :lol: )

    All skills that will stand you in better stead for when you do finally leave and join civvy street again, telecommunications is a huge industry if you look on the jobs boards on civvy recruitment sites.

    Go to the sigs boards and read the more sensible messages (trade related not banter and drivel)

    Like E-layer says, you're not in the job yet, you don't have to do as your told , this is your future , your career, if you're set on the signals , make your voice heard , and don't go in the infantry just because the ACIO is trying to fill recruitment quotas. You could get into the infantry and find you hate it and be stuck there for 4 years, where as a career in the signals, sounding like what you want, could end up having you in as long as some of us sad old crones :wink:

    Good Luck
  11. If you allow yourself to be brow beaten into doing somthing you dont really want to do you will end up very unhappy. I thought it was the recruiter's job to put people in the trade they are most suited to? Surley they are doing the Army a disservice if they are directing young people with the right qualifications and BARB scores away from the tecnical trades. Its not just the Infantry who need blokes, I heard the REME are crying out for numbers in some trades.

    What I'm not trying to say is the Infantry is for thickos, I know a lad with loads of GCSE's A-levels who joined the Royal Anglians simply because he wanted to fight for his country, which he has. I found that incredibly noble (after asking "but what about your quals!!") The point is he went there because he wanted to.

    My advice to 02Warnerj is stand your ground. If you have the correct quals and BARB score you have the right to try and join the signals.
  12. If you want to join the Royal Signals then make it abundantly clear at your next interview. The fact that you are confident about what you want will be noted by the RS. If you feel you are being browbeaten then walk out,explaining that Royal Signals is what you want and nothing else that is your choice. As has been pointed out you are not in the Army yet. Please do not take note of the qualifications being ideal for civvie street. I did 10 years in sigs and have been in telecomms since leaving(18 years). It is the most unstable environment you will ever work in. Your employment is only ever guaranteed for a maximum of 12 months then follows the inevitable restructure to meet fresh challenges (redundancies) It becomes very tiresome when you get older. Concentrate on your Army career before pondering the structure of civ div However on a positive note by joining the Royal Signals you will be undertaking the best training and will work in some of the most challenging situations in your career. Stick to your guns and get badged with the finest bunch of boys and girls I have ever met in my life.

    Good luck
  13. So you can go to Elmpt!
  14. I've got a good reason, errr,...... no
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