Good reasons to be Queen for a day?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cactusman, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. Here's one


    Wonder how Charles would "handle" it?
  2. Who's that? (not the old bird on the right, t'other one)
  3. Jessica Ennis. The Guvnor was pinning her gong on the left one today.

    Ennis, 27, said afterwards she was "feeling very excited, though it was nerve-wracking before - it's incredible to receive this".

    Asked what the Queen had said, she replied: "She just said 'My Grandson begged me to let him do this but I told the randy little ginger perv to bugger orff"
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  4. I was hoping it was the chance to send the head of the fenians a retirement card with quiter wrote in it along with his P45
  5. I'm a Princess, and I will kick the shit out of anyone who says I'm not.
  6. Unless it was a twink guardsman I think Charles wouldn't give a shit.
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  7. Never mind Charlie, hasn't Phil got previous in that situation?
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  8. I'm not going to disagree. I know which side my bread is buttered. It's funny how I always seem to adopt a manner of obedience where there's an noticeable combination of perfume, fags and alcohol arriving at my nostrils.
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  9. You are wise Padawan.
  10. Have you got a shiny hat?

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  11. I have bling bling.
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  12. T'other day young Jess had to brave the recent cold to pose for her new sponsor PR shots taken in Hyde Park. Poor lass was in her lycra gear while all about her were in every known mountain brand jacket on offer. Her, Jenson Button and an Irish golfer were in situ for a photo session.
  13. Mmm, Jenson Button.
  14. I'll agree that you're a princess just to piss off the resident socialists. More Champagne/Tennents/Cillit Bang your Highness?
  15. Get fucked.

    Gilmore Girls has finished so I'm off to check on my pillows.