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Just finished "Fireforce" by Chris Cocks, about the rhodesian light infantry which is a cracking book, and wondering what to get next, can anyone reccommend any other good books?. I was thinking about getting some of "THE FLASHMAN" series, i know they are fiction, but he sounds like a top shagger and a cad, has anyone read these?
Sorry to be a tad vague, i just reckon you lot will have read some crackers,


Flashman is excellent. It's well worth starting from the beginning with "Flashman" if you can and then it will all make more sense to you.

If you have a passing acquaintance with "Tom Brown's Schooldays", this is the same Flashman. He's a complete cad and a remarkably honest and accurate observer of the world through which he moves. Great Books and a good way to learn some history.

George McDonald Fraser is a really excellent writer and his other books are worth a squint although I must admit that I found "Pyrates" a bit pants.

Good choice... :)
I've read a good few of the 'Flashman' books and found them to be very enjoyable and well researched to boot, the only drawback is that you have to flick back and forward to read all the historical notes. Obviously you don't have to read them, but they do help you understand the plot!
While we're at it, I'd definitely recommend the McAuslan books (THe General Danced at Dawn, McAuslan in the Rough, and The Sheik and the Dustbin) also by George MacDonald Fraser. Brilliant books about a Scottish battalion just after the war. Very funny indeed.


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If you want other books on a similar subject try:

"Koevoet !" - Jim Hooper
"Forged in Battle" and "They Live by the Sword" both by Jan Breytenbach
"32 Battalion" - Piet Nortje
"Killing Zone" - Harry McCallion
"No Mean Soldier" - Pete McAleese

Peter Stiff's books in this area of the world used to look good, but with personal knowledge that his latest offerings contain utter kak and fabrication I wouldn't trust any of his work.

Edit: Forgot about this post, just thought I'd add that Stiff is still a lying twat.
I think im gonna get "no mean soldier" by peter mcaleese too. Flashman sounds a hoot. I remember sitting in our billets at salisbury plain and my mate pulls out one of the flashman novels and starts explaining it. Apparently he is always bone'ing women, stealing money, duelling, fighting with swords etc etc.
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