Good reading, Middle East and the Cold War?


Hi, i'm interested in learning about the two subjects mentioned above, can anyone recommend any good books about them?

I'm sure others will have better suggestions, but for a good general overview of the cold war period (amongst other topics), including the build-up to it, try EJ Hobsbawm's "Age of Extremes". Stunningly detailed, readable stuff with a cracking bibliography that should point you to material more specifically targeted at the Cold War.


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The gun and the olive branch (for the arab/israeli question).

The author is quite balenced; hated by the Israeli's and accused of anti-semitism, and thrown into smelly goals by the secret police of various Arab states. A lessor man would have given up.

I bought my copy in a charity shop in Glastonbury...hippy alert!


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Afghanistan The Bear Trap by Mohammad Yousaf and Mark Adkin

Brig Yousaf was one of the head sheds of Pakistan's Inter service Intelligence Bureaus during the Soviet Afghan Saga.

Really good brief on the background of Afghanistan and which countries helped, hindered and why.

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