Good quality Civvy everyday boots

This probably shouldn't go in this forum as its not military but what the hell no where else for it either.

I'm looking at getting a good pair of civvy boots for every day use. The ones Ive bought before don't seem to last very long as the soles wear down very quickly. So something the soles can be replaced or are hard wearing. I'm not looking for a hiking or work boot just something to stand up to me walking about in them a lot.

This kind of idea

and this

What can you recommend?

I have found that timberlands last. Obviously not the new age chav ones with the stupid gangsta styles but the good old fashioned plain ones are pretty tough.
I get pretty good mileage out of Blundstones and they're bloody comfy. Although, as is the way, they are made in the PRC these days rather than Tasmania. They are not as pretty as RM Williams offerings but they're well under half the price.


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I recently bought a pair of Alfred Sargent boots, very good quality and they'll outlast me, no breaking in. I've also a nice pair of Church's boots and I don't think i'll need to replace them either. The ones in the posters links are just cheap tat that'll need replacing each year, buy decent shoes/boots and you'll only need to buy them once.
Oh and Cheaney's they're great shoes and boots, i'm a bit sloughened that one pair of these shoes needs new soles and heels and I only bought them in 1999
I completely agree on the next etc is poor front. Just wasn't sure where else to go. Thank you so far chaps!
They do last and can be re soled , Ive had them last for over 4 years when worn daily .

Anything Next sell is shite .

R.M.Williams Autumn/Winter 2012 Catalogue
My bold. I agree with Next being shite. The second pair of boots in the OP's post look similar to ones my wife bought me a few months ago. They feel paper thin and the grip on the sole is virtually non-existant.

I once had a pair of shoes from Next many years ago, and the grip on the sole wore out very, very quickly on them as well.

Stay the **** away from any footwear sold in Next.
Just bought a pair of Loakes boots cost me a lot of money cracking pair of boots, had to order a pair. Years ago I had a pair of Loakes dealer boots why oh why did I sell them
Just bought a pair of Loakes boots cost me a lot of money cracking pair of boots, had to order a pair. Years ago I had a pair of Loakes dealer boots why oh why did I sell them
I don't know...why did you sell them ?
Someone has to own up so its me, I use Doc Martens work and leisure different boots of course but not too expensive and seem to last a long time. Work ones I get about 18 months before the chemicals **** them 6 - 8 months with other brands and the leisure ones last for years.

Me Dad always bought Loakes and he would buy a new pair every 5 or 6 years whether he needed new ones or not


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Get some Loake boots
Sound advice. Also Church and some of the English boot makers mentioned above.

A word of advice if you will? A good pair of boots is like a car. You need to have them serviced every couple of years. Full sole (a half sole cattles a decent pair of boots and is the work of Satan), heeled, quarter irons in the heel. This will cost you £30 from a decent cobbler. Money well spent.

Or just buy some tat from Nike. Then wonder why you are not invited to the hunt ball.
Northampton (shire) is or was the home of the British Boot Industry.

A small number of boot makers still have factory discount/outlet shops in Northampton (shire) and maybe worth a visit.

Who remembers the film KINKY BOOTS.

CHURCH have a Outlet Shop in the Bicester Village Outlet Centre.


What about RM Williams boots, expensive but they apparently last.
Yup, a new pair just arrived for me from Oz - made to order (I've got wide feet), shipped over and all import duties paid and still around £40 quid cheaper than it would cost for an off-the-shelf pair here.

My last pair survived about seven years - and are actually still wearable - but got a bit of a mauling from one of my dogs so have a couple of little holes in them.


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Doc Martens. Hunt around websites. There are deals and they don't all look like nurses shoes

Not often I do fashion advice. But a weird friend (he likes shopping) found a pair of Blundstones in TK Maxx
Has the quality issue with DMs been resolved, my last pair wore out within a year of wearage.
Never knew they had a quality issue, I have worn them for years no problems other than when certain styles were associated with gangs which is not my scene.

I got 2 pairs and they do nearly everything other than bike riding shoes

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