Good pressies for the kids

I've always favoured stuff that's educational and fun like this , or dangerous and noisy like a chemistry set, with additional experiments.
I took a look at the web site above. sod the kids ! there's a couple of kits I would like,
Lucky, a supplier in Glasgow !
My wife got this for my grandson........5

Snap Circuits® - Elenco

Now it wouldn't suit every kid, but my grandson has always been fascinated with tools etc.

Yesterday, he built a few projects with his dad, today he's building his own circuits....... brilliant present.
My old lady got me the Junior one for Christmas last year, it was beyond me but my 4 year old granddaughter loved it.


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Or alternatively, a good pressie for the children of parents you hate...

A good while back when the kids were knee biters, I took them (and thier mum begrudgingly because she thought I was going to take them away and not come back) to Disney World in Florida for Christmas, over Christmas too. Total for the trip then was around 4K. Come Christmas Day, they ask where their presents are!!!!!! After explaining that this was their Christmas present and it was more than their mates were getting, the ex pipes up "you could've brought them some little things to play with", so off I toddle to the Disney tat shop and buy one of each noise making toys I could find (I think they got 6 each) and gave them to the kids. They were absolutely delighted, not so their mother!

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