Good overview book for Afghanistan 2001-2008?

Going off my previous thread, I'm dumping Smith in favour of the equivalent of The Strongest Tribe for Afghanistan.

Current competitors are

Koran, Kalashnikov and Laptop by Antonio Giustozzi

Descent into Chaos by Ahmed Rashid

Anyone got a better suggestion ? I'm not a huge fan of Rashid and the latter part of Giustozzi isn't very good.
Barnett Rubin is pretty good on Afghanistan; there's a new book out called "Fixing Failed States" which isn't solely about Afghan, but is written by two people with considerable experience there (names escape me, sorry).

Marston's chapter in Counterinsurgency in Modern Warfare is worth a read (ed. eod.).

For general reading, Jason Elliot's "Unexpected Light," Lamb's "Sewing Circles of Herat," or Stewart's "Places In Between".

Amalendu Misra's "Afghanistan" is from 2004 and reflects the misplaced optimism from five years ago, but is very good on the social aspects.

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