Good oral hygiene makes sense

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Fablonbiffchit, May 28, 2010.

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  1. A report has been released (unable to provide a link) saying that people who dont maintain good oral hygiene at least twice a day (you know where this is going) are at risk of cancer. So come on ladies make your man happy with a bit of oral twice a day to stave off cancer. You know it makes sense. :p
  2. Toothpaste stings like fcuk.
  3. I saw that report & I'm sure it said if a female already has cancer that taking it vigerously up the back doors once a day will help with the more traditional treatments given by the doctors!
  4. No, you misread the report. It said getting her more attractive sister to join you in the marital bed and provide oral stimulation while you knock the missus back doors in had "favourable outcomes for at least one in three patients involved".
  5. It's on the news now, what a crock of shit!!! Don't brush your teeth, you'll get cancer. Don't use a towel, you'll get cancer. Load of old dogs cock, fucking scare mongering gobshites.
  6. When pounded into dust and imbibed, or.................ahem, the other, German, socks over the front paws way?
  7. Scare mongering causes cancer too...
  8. Scientists have now proven that living is the main cause of death.
    If we wish to avoid death, we shouldn't be born.
  9. So does cervical intraepithelial neoplasia

  10. Tastes nice with a bit of seasoning though.
  11. You have to wonder what else the Jocks involved in the survey were failing to do. If your too idle to take a brush to your teeth I am gessing you are less than likely to be a regular at the gym or enjoy a diet of non fried food
  12. Talk about gross assumption. Had it crossed your mind that between their three daily cross training sessions, triathlon practices, weight and resistance training and then foraging for natural organic foodstuffs, that tooth-brushing might have just had to drop off their busy schedule?

    Honestly this "the Scottish diet is poor" nonsense drives me insane...


    Racist stereotypes! Toffe-nosed, English snob...
  13. Never, ever again will I google image something I've read on Arrse.