Good On Yer, Sophie!!

Just heard the word that the Countess of Wessex, Eddie's bird, Sophie, is to be the new and first Colonel in Chief of the Lincoln and Welland Regiment here in the local region of the True North.. she ' takes command ' next week [ June 5 actually ] at a modest ceremony - her first assignment and her first Canajan appointment..

No offence intended, but coudnt they have found a slightly more prestigious unit for her? 1st Canuck foot and mouth (V) 8O ffs :roll:
Gee, wasn't Margaret Trudeau available?
As a matter offact, RC, - no... she was busy helping her son with his recent wedding by cataloguing all the nifty gifts and other goodies the ' happy couple ' garnered as local Canajan celebrities out ot establish a new Trudeau political dynasty...
Well the nerve of her!

Just as well I suppose. Canada certainly needs another Trudeau PM :roll:
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