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This is a real and needy role that PC can get his teeth into. I was genuinely shocked when I read on ARRSE (on another thread) just how great the problem is.

I hope its not just a flash in the pan affair because the Armed Forces are in the news at the moment, only to be forgotten when attention turns to another cause célèbre.
Prince Charles' other projects stand the test of time - the Prince's Trust is a prime example.  How long "The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister" remains engaged is another issue.

I think that MoD might be taking the problem seriously.  An erstwhile OC of mine is involved with a London university in doing some serious research.  Even during the run up to the current unpleasantness in the Gulf, various Head Sheds were meeting with homeless ex-servicemen.  That said, it remains to be seen whether the MoD likes what the report says.  The authors are not going to pull their punches.  As ex-regular and/or reservists, they are with the troops not the faceless desk jockies in Whitehall.
And not surprisingly, as the report says, local "liberal" councils give priority to illegal immigrants who come here to scrounge off our generous benefits system assylum seekers over servicemen who have given selfless service to others in the name of their country, many of whom have fought on our behalf! It's enough to make my piss boil with rage!  :mad:


i totally agree with all the above .

what is suprising is that we have the Army for nearly 300+ years since the foundation of the new model army in the Civil war ,surely there was plenty of time to make provision for their welfare ?
WW1 is a classic  "return to land fit for heroes" BULLSH1T !!! Falklands , GW1 , yugoslavia etc all those combats helped the politicians and businessmen THEY owe something to the troopers , there should be more proactive service for the troopers i.e. accomodation lined up, benefits system sorted out or job placements civilianisation courses to adjust back to civilian life, no soldier should have to sell his medals to buy bread and boarding , it breaks my heart sometime to see that happening in any antique/militaria shops , in the roman times many soldiers who retire from service is given a cash lump sum saved up during his time in service (docked from his wages) and given a plot of land to build his own farm and many ex legioniares regularly form villages together ( food for thought) and the Soviet Union also looked after its own servicemen .

basically BLAIR it can be done it just need a lilttle political backbone and will power

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