Good on Branson?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_0ne, Dec 31, 2007.

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  1. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    Should make th eman dictator for life in my opinion...he'd probably do it for free too....
  2. come on, we all know branson is poor, give the guy a break.

    this is the nob who has helped ruin the railway (god knows how he managed this?) whilst pocketing millions
  3. Fair comment.

    Fook off and get a higher paid job or spend less at home basically - good call!

  4. Says it all

  5. Good effort, people want to work for virgin, generally they are well looked after. They either put their money where their mouth is in sufficient numbers to get a result, or take it on the chin and f+ck off. Majority rule, bit of democracy and free market reality

    I hope the union reps are the first to step up and walk if they are unable to drum up full support
  6. I have been told by pals in the City that He comes up with ideas and then implements them with little or no consideration to the actual costs. He then leaves his minions to try and cobble something together out of the resulting mess
  7. EH!? You talking about Branson with regards his businesses or the Government with regards the Armed Forces?
  8. Maybe his minions want to get together and form their own company then as they have obviosly been carrying him for the last 30 years.
  9. "The airline said its offer was worth 8.3% on basic pay over two years, with a 4.8% increase offered in the first year."

    Seems an above average pay increase to me, so why the strike?
  10. Because Unite are a bunch of wankers,whose union officers sit on there arses,in their regional offices,trying to justify their pay and existence,to all us poor union members,and whose only aim in life is to make sure they get their paypacket every month.

    Started out as GPMU (print union),got swallowed up by UNISON,on the recommendation of the Gen.Sec.(surprise,Suprise,after the amalgamation he was surplus to establishment,and took early retirement,with shitloads of our money). Then UNISON decided after 6 months to amalgamate again,with UNITE.

    So as long as they keep sowing seeds of discontent,they appear to be doing what they're paid to do,looking after the workers,and working for the union! :roll:

  11. Because, perhaps, the 8.3% still leaves them lagging behind other people doing the same job. His attitude is the same one that is rubbished so often on here, If you don't like it leaveI don't suppose that attitude would get the same support if (When) the government take it on the next armed forces pay review. Branson is a con man who'll rip off anyone he can to make himself more money .

  12. That's called the world of business, its how people make money, it's what makes the real world go round :?
  13. Does anyone know how much they get paid at the moment?
  14. 10k probationary period, rising to 11k+ after one year.

    6k per year allowances can be expected.

    According to a thread on pprune that I cannot be bothered to find again.

    From what I can gather Virgin Atlantic pay is indeed lower than say BA but apparently the perks make up for it.