Good Ole Iraqi Ass Whoopin

Mmm, the first guy's schoolboy error was not having a tash - in Iraq?! Boy's a fool to himself. Second guy's shirt was pretty disgusting too, definitely deserved a kicking for that..


If you watch them they beat people with sticks and kick.
First clip you see the tash man weilding a stick attempt to throw a bunch but think he realises he can't even throw 1 so swings with a stick! :p
Some of the Insurgent vids I've seen they slap!!!!! :p Bunch of girls!
What the fcuk do they need the Yanks for to kill their civilians, they were doing well enough on their own!!
Remember being in some bar in Voss during EX Hardfall in Norway mid 80s when the locals decided to have a go at the Paras (who hadn't provoked it - at all!) Big Norgy squares up to the lead Para, loads up confidently and delivers the loudest fücking slap I've ever heard. Paras mates all start pissing themselves whilst lead Para knocks him out with one punch. At the time norgie law viewed a clenched fist as a weapon so all they had left was slapping :)
Just had a translation through for the arabic subtitles on the video

"Tony Blair denies that new powers being handed to police community support officers are reminiscent of police state"


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