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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by hibby, Sep 6, 2004.

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  1. Wallsall Police arrested two kids for playing football in the street,CPS have given the case a two day court slot in November, the kids brief has estemated the trial will cost the good ol tax payer "in excess of 10 grand"
    the most these kids can get is a 200 quid fine 8O ,i know these kids can be a pain in the arrse, bouncing balls of your motor and trashing your garden,so maybe they should stick to drug pushing ,burglery and joy riding and leave Plod to get on with fleecing the motorists :roll:
  2. Give them extras. Or Show Parde in line with the new AGAI 67.

    And if they come out with some old tosh like 'we ain't in the army' then frog march them down to the careers office, arms pinned firmly behind their backs, and make them sign their life over (or get them to make their mark, as writing may well beyond their PS2 infested brains).

    On the subject - I once knew a bloke who said the only reason he was in the army was because the judge made him join. Not really sure if he was winding me up - have judges ever been able to force people into the services? If so when did it stop?
  3. Until the sixties (at least) Magistrates would offer a much lesser sentence if the miscreant volunteered to join the army. The crimes were always minor and in those days the Army would either sort them out or send them to Collie or Shepton where they would be taught the error of their ways.
  4. The plod should just clip them around the ear with a stun gun - problem solved and they wont do that again.
  5. Any of you get to see the recent Bad Lads Army series? Ignoring the more blatant dramatizing elements of the show (like, why make it "1950s style" and why all the face-pulling by NCOs before ad-breaks etc), it did give an interesting view of what can happen when young idiots are confronted with a system that actually EXPECTS something of them before giving anything in return.

    Self-discipline comes naturally in the Army, so many of you still serving probably take it for granted, but many of these lads haven't even heard the term, let alone know what it means.

    I got into my share of trouble through basic training (back when Arborfield was still a luxury hotel complex) including making an enemy of a little sh*t of a local lance jack PTI who promised me he'd never see me pass out. But I made it in spite, or maybe because, of that and he was the first to buy me a beer in the NAAFI afterwards.

    Maybe the Army could be given a big slice of the money spent on Young Offender institutions to run a camp specifically for these delinquents. Say, get locked up for 18 months or serve 12 months in the camp, with normal leave etc after initial training. But screw up in those 12 months and go straight to jail for the original sentence. Might even get a few promising recruits out of it!
  6. Well maybe, but you might also wind up with some personality disordered sociopath standing behind you with a loaded weapon in some side-street in Basrah when the shit is flying: 'Whoops, I'm sorry Mr SIB Staff Sergeant, but as I was returning fire LCpl/Cpl/Sgt/2Lt/Lt/Capt etc X, crossed into my line of fire. Even though he'd given me a real bollocking this morning, I would never do anything like that...yadda, yadda, yadda...'
  7. Fair one, but I wasn't suggesting letting 'em loose in the real world with real guns 'n all. Any who wanted to go on to that stage would have to go through normal selection (albeit with a head start). Anyway, I served with enough regular recruits who fitted your description pretty well but army life did manage to direct the psychopathic urges in a productive (or at least appropriately destructive) direction.
  8. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I suppose its like the case of the woman being fined for having a number plate that altered by a coloured stud cover to make it mean something else.
    No the most heinous crime in the world, but when a child is abducted, or terrorists use it and the car seen cannot be traced because of this effect then it changes the perspective a bit.

    Its the law, if we want to water down the law to pander to the masses then bring on anachy. People dont like the law when they break it. They like it when it helps them- its human nature.

    Oh if you speed- you are a criminal.
  9. And if you want to protest about Blair and his Cronies ramrodding crap acts through Parliament they'll get a unit of them to beat the sh!t out of you! :evil:
  10. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Maybe they shouldnt throw TF's, smoke and bricks at them.
  11. Have to agree with ventress on this one the law in all it magnificence is flawered and with out question fallible especially when it is implicated on the streets by a bunch of boarder line criminals such as the police. But for all that the alternative is much much worse how much is there that we are not being told about this case if a bunch of snotty nosed brats were kicking a ball against my car or keeping me awake at night I would want the police to do something a clip round the ear is no longer an option so court case and fine it is then as for the tax payers money it would have been wasted on something else any way better this than the lesbian sea gull focus group or what ever.
    As for the courts bounding over to the army I knew a lad who had had just that only a few years ago when in basic he only was charged with minor offence and took what he saw as the easy way out . He soon regretted it and DAOR as soon as possible don’t know what happened to him.
  12. I in truth did not see very many missiles being thrown at all and certainly NOT stop bluffing!! What I did see and have heard anecdotely is that there was a minor crowd surge to which the Police responded with an inappropriate level of force.including head strikes; evidence of which has been liberally supplied by the media.

    Now you can rant on about the protestors ripping at the barriers I happen to work with one of the chaps caught on TV doing just that.......the reason was they had nowhere else to go.they were hit even when they had their hands up, they were verbally abused by the Police and they were coralled with no escape route.

    As for TFs :roll: they raided an ammo bunker somewhere then did they? They sounded more like crow scarers to me.and they are just things that go BANG........Scary huh 8O
  13. Can this really be the same Plod that complains continually about paperwork (such as for stop-and-search) driven by the fear of legislation?

    I read a distressing letter in the Torygraph today about an old couple on the march that were given what was effectively a mouthful of abuse by a policewoman.

    This cannot be allowed to pass unchallenged. We all have certain rights and need to be as vociferous as some of the hard-core groups (Greenpeace, Swords into Ploughshares etc are familiar to most of us) are in asserting these rights.

    For example, get the number of the officer and take his/her name, and make a note if it is not provided. Get numerous witnesses against one officer in an official complaint and a lawsuit against the officer and the police force - either for assault, or for infringing rights underHRA 98. Use the upcoming Freedom of Information Act to glean embarrassing and damaging documents - were the Met instructed to "go heavy" in this case?

    We need to take back our rights, that are currently misused by chav scum binge drinkers.
  14. IMO anyway you look at it ,Plod lost a lot of support that day. I've never seen so many Plod cracking heads.
  15. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Oh I am sorry LWM, I must have been speaking to the other Plod who where there. How do you define a brick? London standard? A TF is a banging thing no matter how you dress it up. :roll:
    I said previously if the Plod have broken the law then bring them to book. I dont want to work with thugs. Get your 'mate' to put in a complaint. You seem to have the evidence to hand. Oh maybe you'd like to stand in a shield line for 20 minutes.