Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by richie216, Jun 7, 2007.

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  1. :D 8O :D I know H H*rr*p got out in 1998ish i went to visit him a few times in Sheffld when he was doing the massage and sport theorpy bit for Sheff United boys. After that lost contact about 2000 what happened is he still around???????????? Any email address or the like then please PM me with details. After trying to get anything on good old D P*z or any of the old boys from 244 Signal Sqn, 21 Sig Regt 1992-1997 any good lads still around from Alpha Troop AMF boys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good old Grapes Bath does it still exist????????????? What about Cadillacs?????? :oops: :oops:
  2. Now i can't answer you query unfortunately but... I knew H as a Siggy in 249 and again at 244 around 1996 - 1997 when he moved across into the main (244) squadron. If you get hold of him i would be chuffed to catch up with him as well. Good bloke with a great heart. If he reads this he will know who i am.
  3. Ello Richie,

    Think i fit the bill........

    Served in Alpha troop from 92-97 :)

    As for the grapes, still up and running. Tacky, Smudge (tech) and possilbly Lee P ;) are still regular customers.

    Also have comms every now and again with Micky Bulfrog, Mel J and Stevie Bargain.

    PM me for a chat if you want buddy,

    Dave H.
  4. Davvvvvver H!!

    Hows tricks mate? Never got the chance before you ended living the dream at the mighty 3rd.

    Obviously back from the sandpit now and duly posted to pastures new.......all of 4 miles from Bull Turd!!

    So where have the buffoons in Glasgow decided to move you now mate?

    Wondering if any of the other "A" Troop boys from 94-97 on this site?

    Take it easy Davvvvver and beware the man in the wrong troooooosers!!

  5. Its all good matey, its all good mate. Now sunnin' it up in sunny Brawdy. Not bad actually, only about a trillion times better than the 'mighty turd'

    Wasnt too sure if it was you (hence gay PM asking :roll: )

    Will drop my contact details off via PM etc.

    Laters buddy,


    P.S As for the gap toothed c0ck monkey, ZGN for years :D. No doubt working as a very ugly ornimental bottle opener in a gayer bar.
  6. hello billy and dava. looters here. good to see your both well. i am still in touch with the dude from bude and spozzer. tommo is in ghana trying to adopt a child or may be he is trying to help them with his new skills. richie is on the underground need to confirm wether its begging or working. myself, well i am at JFACTSU. Good job with no bullsh1t.
  7. Strewth, wondered where you lot had got to. South of the border it seems. Hope you're all well, I know you are Looters!
  8. dont want none of your sort on here... there is a nice fluffy pink forum for you
  9. For the love of God, they'll let anyone on here :roll:

    Ello ladies, hope all is well on your planet. Life is good here on Earth :p

    Id heard from my staffy that Looters was at Leeming. Hope your feet havn't given up the ghost from wearing those slippers :(

    Smugley, heard a number of things about you. Blue job now ? Jobs apparently ranging from back seater to voice double for Roger Moore KBE

    Hope your both well, drop me a PM and well get some hot MSN action going on. Will invite shandy man, stevie bargain and chickster if i have too :roll:

    Laters peeps,

  10. I know who you are!
  11. I know who you are![/quote]

    I know who you are hoachin!
  12. I know who you are hoachin![/quote]

    I know you know but did you know that partick knows that you know me and i know you but he cannae work oot if he knows anyone
  13. Oh and i know H H
  14. I know you know but did you know that partick knows that you know me and i know you but he cannae work oot if he knows anyone[/quote]

    F*ck knows aboot anything!
  15. I know that all i remember is beaten semi-finalist, all i ever got to see when you were in the team