Good Old Duncan Essay!!

??? :-/
Well the time has come for this dreaded curse of Captains and Subaltans once more. THe question I have is as follows;

Is there anywhere that there are previous examples of essays on here, or failing that, a place online that we can go that will at least assist with research.
People stuk on exercise, NI or Op Tours don't stand much of a chance if they can't get access to the right material.
Tried the Army website, but that is more worried about photos than good info and detailed articles.
Can anyone please assist?


To the best of my knowledge no such site exists. However, a captain from my Regt. who has since moved on to pastures new was always saying that he thought it was a good idea. Let's have a quick bash at it here and now.

I produced an essay last year which had the desired effect, namely no re-write. This was then emailed to a few folk in Germany who had to produce rewrites at rather short notice, and it passed muster with their BC's and CO's.

Anyone wanting a copy of this essay for "research purposes" is more than welcome to it. It is still relevant as it was on retention, and I do believe that there is a question on that topic this year as well.

Simply drop me an email with your address and Regt. (so that irate CO's do not recieve too many variations on a theme!) and I'll happily send it on to you.

On a random note, anyone fancy donating a spot of cash to create a prize for the best Field and General Staff officer's essay on "The emergence of progressive trance from the British house scene..."?

Just a thought as it is vital that such officers do not lose touch with the cultures influencing their soldiers, and it will be an invaluable tool to refresh those SD muscles outside the crusty usual confines of the office.

Answers on a postcard please. ;D
If you are that worried about it and can't either bluff 2000 words and make up a few references or use a search engine like google then get hold of one of your guys on AJD to grab some stuff from shriv.  

You can also get the Prince Consort library to send you a pack, you can get hold of them through the garison or station library.

Alternatively get yourself on the ORBAT for some sunshine and avoid the whole thing entirely.


Apparently they're going to make all eligible subalterns on Op TELIC do the essay this year! What's all that about? Anyone from HQ Essay and Random Paperwork care to comment?  ;D
Bomblet I have heard in the corridoors of puzzle palace that they only intend to make the airdefenders and rocketeers that have nothing better to be doing with their time do the essay.

The rest of us get away with it this year, it would be too cruel and unusual even for the army to make you do the essay with sand in your underwear.
I think it is a brilliant idea for telic boys and girls to write the drunken essay. I was blessed one year with the chance to re-write my essay 3 times before it "passed muster". If they have time to do 3 page newspaper spreads whilst getting lost and rescuing poor soldiers I’m sure a little ditty about the problems with the Artillery could be produced ;D

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