Good non-warry films

Map of the Human Heart

Directed by another Kiwi, Vincent Ward , who did "The Navigator"

Jason Scott Lee and Anne Prillaud (Nikita) and Patrick Bergin which keeps TheFutureMrsPTP happy.

Stunning photography and visuals , a great story ,it has TFMPTP reaching for the Kleenex every time ....

.....and me . It's fuggin beautiful. :oops:

Mr Happy

To keep the Kiwi theme running for a second. Possibly the funniest movie I'd seen in a longtime was BAD TASTE directed and acted by a little known Kiwi guy called JACKSON back in the 80's - it is, I believe, the most succesful movie out of that country ever (Piano/LOTR being hollywood productions filmed there I think).

Anyway, if's available on the for 12.99


Kit Reviewer
Also Jackson but even better than Bad Taste:

Meet The Feebles

Kind of Muppet Show meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets porn
I think Jackson followed Bad taste up with a similar gorefest called Brain dead, mutant rats, voodoo curses, zombie mothers etc, top family entertainment. You can't beat Bad taste though, Sheer genius.

I'm a Derek, and Dereks don't run.

Mr Happy

Derek: Pick all the bits of brain up and put them in a plastic bag Barry.
Barry: No way mate, your the gung-ho scientist - you do it.
Derek: Oh, alright - I'll be down right after lunch.. But at least get us a blood sample.
Barry: No need, just wring out me strides...

And Brain Dead was indeed the follow up to Bad Taste

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