Good Nights out in Windsor

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by lancesargeantjonesy, Aug 20, 2006.

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  1. Help I need to get Bladdererd in Windsor.Got posted there and there is nowhere that I know of that is good to drink suggestions??
  2. Your not on attachment to 49 PARA are you? Im pretty sure there near winsor at the mo......
  3. it's got to be Chicago Rocks just round the back next to the back gate of Vicky Bee (Victoria Bks)

    FANTASTIC Steven Hawkins could pull in there.. EASY MONEY............
  4. Head to the Castle.
  5. ask for "BETTY" :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
  6. Based there for a while and had many a good night in Chicago's. One night l got that pissed l got lost going back to camp and had to get a taxi.. Oh what fun that was.

    If you go into Town you've got the Highlander and three tuns. There not bad pubs. Liquid is over rated and crap. If you have to go in there don't go in a group. Llyods use to be good, before the refit. Not sure what its like after the refit though. Bar Cafe is bloody pricey! Bought a bottle of Grolsch and half a shandy (for the lady), l was lucky to get 4 quid back from a tenner!!

    Slough use to have Harrys and Chicagos and both of them use to do all you can handle for 15 quid! which was a bonus. But thats all stopped now. :(
  7. Is Liquid that one down the little side street by the Post Office? Always used to be good in there, full of gorgeous posh totty.
  8. ex sevicemans club cheapest beer in windsor watch the grannies on a friday night but seriously 74 pubs in a 10 mile radius

    as a trooper used to attempt the windsor and eton crawl never finished it
  9. don't forget your gold card - traditional boozers very few and far between. Wine bars will charge about £3 for a half. There is a Wetherspoons next to Liquid. The Old Trout is OK as you can sit outside if the weather is good. I think The Swan is the one just before the bridge going towards Eton again OK.
    If any women/men say they are from West Windsor steer clear as this is Dedworth - not a nice place. But probably an easy shag.
    Stay away from the Noah's Ark unless you like those kind of pubs :D
  10. I sense a story! :wink:
  11. Not from me!! Its patently obvious what goes on inside from a distance. Always given it a wide berth!
  12. Hoho, yes, might come with a itch as well :wink: Further out there is Staines, but unless you want nightlife to include streetfighting best avoided There is a nice pub Barley Mow,up on Englefield Green, bit pricey but good in the summer if a little crowded, and staff can be a bit hit or miss.
  13. No its the one that use to be called Mirage, next to what was the old monk (Now a Weatherspoons) Theres a take away shop across te way too. However if you can hack the walk, theres a nice kebab house near the Royal Oak.
  14. Is the Merry wives still there? Mcriricks brother behind the bar(looks like him anyway), shite boozer but good scoff
  15. You fcuking bitch!

    Make sure you have good wander round Windsor, there are some cracking pubs tucked away here and there, and one Friday we managed to have an afternoon session just visiting about 12 pubs we'd never been in. It is fcuking expensive and now Lloyds has been done up it's lost its appeal, just like half the pubs in Windsor that have been done up and turned into sh1ting gay-bar, trendy, over-priced b0ll0cks. That said generally you can get a full weekend on the p1ss and be the better for it.

    Never go to Liquid (if you do don't take army ID), only Chicago's even though it smells of vomit. It's usually full of MILFs and divorcees and what more can you ask for. Steer clear of the likes of Shrek, Poodle-head, Lock-jaw and Hulkanoff. Fat birds are never grateful and don't have nice personalities! It's fcuking embarrasing doing the walk of shame with any of them the next morning, and despite the amount of practice they've had there's not one good sh4g betwwen them!