Good news !!!!!

Excellent, that is good news. Good riddance to bad rubbish as they say. Although something tells me his parents or some bugger will try to get compensation.


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Sell the franchise to Sky who pay the 'operator' £5k then sell the pay-per-view rights. A deterrent to kiddy-fiddlers, helps out with the national debt and finally there is something amusing to watch on the telly. I cannot see a flaw.
Excellent drills from that lag. Let's hope he took his time about it and made it as painful as possible.

No doubt there will be a "compunsayshun" claim on the way though.
glad that he is dead and all that no great loss to the species.

But would he not be on a special regime away from general population? so wouldn't his killer also be some kind of sex offender?

Anyone in the Prison service on here know what happened without getting yourself in the shit obviously.
On a cold day that has warmed the cockles of my heart. How come the gubment doesn't publish photos of his body after event, plus caption 'This can happen to you' ... would deter lots of others......
We had an 'incident' recently in Dubai, an Imam raped and murdered a young child (4) in a Mosque, he was convicted and within a month shot dead by firing squad - job done. why we need 'fellow' prisoners to sort out these trash is beyond me!
fantastic news!! i love to hear these nonce scum getting some proper punishment....the lad who did it should be alowwed to walk freely round all the nonce wings slowly doing away with all the dross.....good man!
That's almost perfect news, but the only thing to top it off is if he's really in a coma and actually dies in the furnace at the crematorium!
Personally, I reckon that all kiddie-fiddlers should be executed and their bodies used to get rid of the organ donor shortage, than at least the bastards can serve some useful purpose in the end!


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