Good news or bad news?

Signed, sealed, delivered

No one in the defence industry will be spared the effects of the Defence Industrial Strategy. This drive to bring value and quality to the front line is simply revolutionary.

MOD's new strategy for the defence industry is remarkably radical. It is nothing less than a philosophy which will guide defence procurement planning and the relationship between MOD and its suppliers for decades to come.

Smart acquisition summed up an earlier shift in attitudes towards procurement, and it has been stressed that the lessons and successes of this will be built upon, but the industry needs to adapt to take into account the changing marketplace and MOD's future equipment needs.

Within MOD, the new Defence Industrial Strategy (DIS) will concentrate on five specific areas:
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Horse pucky, and not even original horse pucky
Yeah, load of bowlacks, thought it was just a load of mush with nice big worsd and civvy spaek jargon chucked in to make it readable to the execs of multinations who might be interested in taking some of our money away with them, the first time i read it, nothings happened lately to make me think any different.........

Untill the actual user of the kit, not his so called 'peers' is used from the very beginning of the procurement process, (I have actually seen this done and been involved, right at the beginning on one occaision, - it was the recovery variant of MLRS - but wheres the kit? God knows - still tied up in red tape and bills.......), then it will always be someone buying something for someone else to use, the 2 peolpe having entirely different views on even the fundamentals such as what its meant to do, we'll always get kit thats never quite right from the user's point of view, no matter how pleased the coin polishers are with themselves or the kit.
Sorry, not very "warry", but way back when in the '80s, the Big Grey They asked the end user of Big Fcuk Off Diggers to trial a variety of said BFODs at Chatham - the worst by a long chalk was a piece of crap called the TEREX 72-51. Guess which came bottom of the list. Guess which was picked. Nothing to do with a new TEREX factory being built in Scotland.........
All we wanted was a COTS "proven" CAT, with a weapon rack.

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