Good news on the employment front

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semmy, Dec 12, 2007.

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  1. According to figures released employment in the UK is going well........

    Interesting aspects of this are:-

    People claiming Jobseekers - 813,000
    Actual registered unemployed - 1,640,000
    Economically inactive???? - 8,000,000

    Unfilled vacancies - 680,000
    People in employment - 29,000,000

    No wonder my tax bill is so bloody expensive.......

    Source - News Item
  2. WTF are economically inactive? is that people with too much money so they sit at home all day?

    that all sounds a bit fishy to me do you think someone has massaged the figures, because that reads to me like 25% of the population are unemployed, rather than the three catagories that have made things look quite promising.

    were doomed if 25% unemployed
    30ish% public sector
    10% charities/not for profit
    that sounds like 35% of the country are paying for the country.

    im going to dig a shell scrape up the country, we are doomed!! :eek:
  3. Economically inactive??????? what the feck is "Economically inactive"??????
  4. From here:

    (Scroll to the very bottom of the page for it...)

    Here it is reproduced:

    "Economically inactive: people who are neither in employment nor unemployed. For example, those looking after the home, the retired, or those permanently unable to work."

    This definition does not state whether these people also claim benefits? That's a lot of people who contribute nothing to the economy but who COULD also be a drain!
  5. Not only are 29mlln supporting this nation, but a decent percentage of Europe too!
  6. The total UK poulation's round about 60m. Linky

    By my reckoning that still leaves a tad under 20m not accounted for in any of those categories. Methinks it's bollocks.
  7. What about the fact anyone under 18 wont be on that list anyway

    Thats probably a large chunk of the population, could explain the deficit?
  8. You have considered that there are a few million under the age of 16, haven't you?

    (Up the chimneys with them! There are pit-ponies needing handlers, and mechanical looms which need cleaned whilst they operate!)

    Edited to add: beaten to it, by a minute!
  9. housewives, students, mllaars etc.

    Are retired people under 65 considered economically inactive?
  10. I'd imagine so, the description provided simply says...

    (See post above)

    If you're retired you are not contributing to the economy, so therefore are economically inactive.
  11. 29 Million employed is a lot in a nation of about 60 Million.
    Take away the under 16s, the university students, the disabled, the retired and those who are full-time parents/carers and how many would that leave as available for work? 29 Million (50%) seems too many with so many "unemployed". Unless of course the actual population is way above 60 Million but some people have not been included in the population figures but have been counted in the employment ones.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yes, a large chunk of them do. A goodly number claim incapacity benefit, child benefit, childcare tax allowance etc. etc.
  13. Not sure where you got 25% unemployed, if you base the % on the total employed it comes out at some 5.6%, but it doe mean that one worker is supporting one non worker
  14. Not 1/3 of the total 'Nuther linky. Advance the ruler to 2007, you'll see the population under 18 is about 1/5 the total. I haven't been able to find it, but I'd risk a modest wager that 16-18 yr old school leavers not in FE or employment get classed as economically inactive, too.