Good news! Guess her Muff is back

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by archer, Jul 6, 2010.

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  1. "We're Back!

    Hello Everyone,

    On June 11th Google flagged Guess Her Muff as SPAM and removed it. Consequently, it took 2 weeks of jumping through bureaucratic hoops and red tape before it was restored."
  2. Shame is she filthy isn't
  3. Yep I Agree!
  4. brettarider
    As of tonight "Is she filthy?" is back.
    Only 1 pic so far but 1 small step for man etc etc
  5. Links Man...Links!!

    I can't search using google with one hand holding tissues!!
  6. Hmm are you sure the old URL isn't working and google doesnt list the new link
  7. Not Dii Proof yet :)

    *where the hell are the smiley's on this new Arrse ? *
  8. Thank you God
  9. Classic entertainment for all the family!!!
  10. Thank feck for that, beats talking to the Wife !!!!
  11. Is she filthy is possibly the greatest work of human cultural endeavour ever. No, really. Michelangelo, Rubens, Renoir, David, Henry Moore - you boys took a beating!

    Actually Rubens was I feel a precursor of Is she filthy...fair does.
  12. I knew I could rely on you lot to find that again. Some good stuff on the old isshfilthly site. hope it gets up to standard again.
    Another site is but some things on there are pretty ropey
  13. I really believe this is the one and only reason why god invented the internet..........
  14. Try Slutwifes SLUTWIFES

    It has a je ne sais quoi factor that some of these people carry out normal marital affairs however is a bit of a mystery. After all "Pass the marmalade darling" to a woman you have bukkaked, graffitised, whipped and bound seems a little trivial the morning after? Could you trust her with the contents of the kitchen drawer? Again...