Good News for Squaddies!

Scientists in Newcastle are reported to have grown a new liver from stem cells.

Who knows, in a couple of months they may have finished gropwing the rest of the manager...

Did they grow the onions to go with it?
ViroBono said:
billyruffian said:
Its Favva beans dullard.

Or even fava beans, since we're being pedantic this morning ...
Has anyone ever tried to curry fava?
Does us all a fava.
I can live with that.
If you meant me, I can live with that as well.

Water off a dick's back.

Sorry Freudian slip there.
I was just practising my insults.. not intended for anyone in particular really..

As for Dicks and Freudian slips...

I have no more to say on the matter... Good Day!
Hey has anyone noticed that the timing on the site have become correct as appose to 1 hour off?

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