Good News for Squaddies!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Sejanus, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. Scientists in Newcastle are reported to have grown a new liver from stem cells.

    Who knows, in a couple of months they may have finished gropwing the rest of the manager...

  2. They haven't enough cells to replace Fat Freddie Shephard yet. Donations to:

    The Centre for Life
    Next to the Central Station
    Newcastle or via
  3. I'll donate some of the cells behind my foreskin... every little helps!
  4. Did they grow the onions to go with it?
  5. And some farmer beans and a nice bottle of Chianti..

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  6. Its Favva beans dullard.
  7. Not if you're eating a farmer you dolt!
  8. Excellent, well struck Sir.

  9. Or even fava beans, since we're being pedantic this morning ...
  10. As you posted your comments about being pedantic at 1214.. you'll find it is this afternoon..
  11. Has anyone ever tried to curry fava?
  12. Does us all a fava.
  13. You are all barstewards so there.
  14. I can live with that.