Good News for Geordie Land?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muhandis89, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. As a resident in NE,I am beginning to wonder what God has decided that several recent national calamities should have their routes here.EG:

    Heather Mills
    The Conservative MP for Old Bexley
    The police inspector allowed out on bail,to kill again.
    Northern Wreck
    Donations by Mr Abrahams to Nu Liabor
    Disks lost by HMRC at Washington

    Any ideas? Is the North East cursed?
  2. ...You forgot when P.J. was made blind in that paintballing accident :D
  3. How about the case of the executed frenchma . . . . monkey :D
  4. Several very cr*p football teams.
  5. Its all since they erected that rusty false idol and calld it a feckin angel
  6. Yes, it's cursed with a surfit of morons who against all the evidence keep on voting Labour. Labour has pursued with vigour a regional policy of 'keep 'em poor and stupid and they'll vote for us' and so far it seems to be working.
  7. Don't forget Scottish & Newcastle getting bought out!!
  8. That, Sir, is complete bollocks! We`re home to several TOTALLY crap football teams.
  9. Didn't someone describe St James' Park as a 'theatre'?

    Given the standard of entertainment recently, 'music hall' might be more apt.
  10. :D

    Have we started the sweepstake on how long Keegan will stay at that job? I hope they're paying him by the hour, not by the job.
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I think you'll find that at the back of some of it is the old emnity between Scotland and the North of England too. The porridge wogs running the country right now are stabbing needles into Northen Monkey wax dolls as I type this.
  12. Wrong. The North is going to be the new cultural and industrial heart of England within the next 5 years. The North-South divide will culminate in a new wall being built accross the Watford Gap. Hopefully, with planning and forethough, we can avoid another Civil war.

    Me? I switched sides over 18months ago. Even if they pour the beer funny up here.
  13. I believe Tony Bliars constituancy was Sedgefield. And you Geordie muppets kept voting for him. You've only yourself to blame. By the way I give Keegan 'til Christmas, then he's out on his ear after another failed attempt to bring silver ware to the North East.
  14. This comment only serves to confirm my suspicions that anything south of Durham is FRANCE.
  15. On a positive note scantily clad, even though it's freezing cold, geordie women* love it right up 'em!

    *Delete women insert slappers where appropriate. :wink: