Good news for fatties!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Taz_786, Oct 31, 2006.

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  1. All they have to do now is use real chicken instead of a mutant variation that has been so pumped up full of hormones that it has a voice like Barry White and breasts like Jordan.
  2. Not to forget the multiple legs that each one has.. :)
  3. The colonel would roll in his grave if he knew what they were serving up. I can only speculate as to what's in the gravy!! Some kind of mutant chicken excretia maybe. two products for the price of one!

    I heard that legend of the mutant chicken rom a river guide on hols in OZ and not eaten the crap since.
  4. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    What sort of chickensh!t product is that?
  5. I think you dump your KFC mutant leg in it.
  6. Hmm
    Finger Lickin' Good!

  7. mmmmmmm

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  8. I have for a long time read, (somethimes even joined in with) all sorts of filth and shocking debate but i'm afraid i cannot sit (on my huge arrse) and let this continue, KFC is fecking great, and i for one dont care if its Unluck Fried Kitten let alone mutant chicken!

    Stop it!

  9. I'm not a regular at Kentucky Fried Gerbil, but I have been informed that never, never and I really mean this NEVER have the gravy.

    Makes even the 100% beef (minced up brains&bollocks in translation) look appetising.

    And when you find what the spotty yoof behind the counter has been doing to it...

    Damn, got the munchies now.
  10. "The organisation will now withdraw its law suit against KFC."

    What were they being sued for? Not telling American Joe Public that there chicken was fried in fat i suppose..................Only in America!!

    Clue is in the title "KFC", or PFK for all you french canadiens!!!!
  11. I've always wondered what a chicken looks like when they have removed the nuggets.
  12. You can't tell, fatty........ :wink:
  13. Hardly good news, I cant believe some 28stone fast-food scoffing blimper, really cares what goes into his food. You may as well make the coating out of powdered asbestos, DU and George Michaels AIDs laden bo11ock batter.
  14. Dale the snail

    Oh yeah thats just like you!

    Turn a serious subject into a "Joke"