Good News about Your Bins



Not very sexy News. Only a small ray of sunshine among all the bad news but BBC News - Council rubbish bin collection fines to be scrapped.

Don't get too excited, but this puts an end to a few councils nefarious activities, and suggests just how stupid it all became. Abusing anti terror powers, going beyond their legal powers, charging by the back door, silly fines for recycling mistakes, and even those fines for putting rubbish out on the wrong day are going.... "I put my bin out a day early, I must be a terrorist". They charged us if they couldn't collect our rubbish and had to come back. Maybe even the bin cameras are going as well? Also axed are Call out fees, pay as you throw schemes, forcing people to buy official rubbish bags from the Town Hall, all the stealth taxes. Redundancies in Bin Patrols? Street Spies sacked?

It's not sexy news, but by fcuk it's good news. Erm, not for the Councils. Sorry.
Yay, I'm celebrating today!

Mind you, only the scummy Brown could have thought of allowing it in the first place. How about removing the right of council workers to look at your medical records, too. They have WAY too much power, and it's about time they understood that they are only there to administer the town infrastructure, not carry out social engineering projects.
So will my local council be handing their P45's to the posse of bin nazis they employed to police our bins?


Thought not.
I've already advised my local Cleansing department that they can now issue my Meds and prescriptions if they want.... Apparently they believe themselves to be 'The Law'. 'God', 'God's Right Hand Personage'...... One wonders if Mr Oaf Broone has had his bins searched by the local Council Jobsworths...... of course not... his Ex PM Police Protection team won't allow this to happen...



The one advantage I personally have found is that here seems to be a much more abundant choice of discarded foodstuffs to pilfer through.

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