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Good music with a slightly weird twist.


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Fire starter covered by Jimmy Eat World. It seems very dark to me.



My current favorite (not least for Sophia Osmond, yes Jimmy's daughter)


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Not sure if it was consciously ironic (?) choice of imagery.

It's a truly gung-ho track - absolutely not tongue in cheek.

The guy in the photo - tagged 'Marlbro Man' - was a Marine in Fallujah.

For those with short memories Fallujah was the house by house urban clearance operation during the Iraq war, conducted by Gen Mattis' Division in Iraq.

Marlbro Man was later medically discharged with PTSD after assaulting a colleague on his way back to U.S

Story covered by San Francisco Chronicle if I recall correct.

( My post from 14 years ago....Jeez, a different world.... )


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Now that's a great example, I love the jazz/swing style singing and the fact the ladies doing the singing are quite an eyeful does no harm.
Bang on target :D

Funny we were both thinking '20s style jazz


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Don't try this one at home without the right kit!

Well that confused the Hell out of me. Slipped on the headset. Bluetooth connected. Started the clip. Thought, "That's Ozzy singing. Sounds exactly like Sabbath to me. Just some bloke waving a guitar around between two van der Graaf generators. Yawn."

Then I realised it wasn't even Iron Man, but Hand of Doom. Wtf?

Then I realised the headset had connected to the phone (where Paranoid is my go-to album in the car) not the tablet.

That was a non-sequitur.


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And...inspired by the Bardcore version of Jolene, may I offer the definitive acapella English folk choon:

These lads are pretty good with the choons.

Every so often I dig out my Dread Zeppelin CD. All the Zep classics done in Reggae style by an Elvis impersonator. For some reason people find lots to be irritated by.
We developed a theory that it’s possible classify all Zeppelin tracks into two categories:
  • ones that work in the style of Elvis (Heartbreaker), and
  • ones that work in the style of George Formby (Stairway to Heaven).

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