Good museum to visit in the surrey hampshire area


I am visiting Bisley at the end of May and want to visit a good military museum on the Sunday prior to heading back up North; any recommendations?
How about bigger shooty gunny things in the big fort behind my house. Royal Armoury at Fort Nelson is a good day out and it's free! Do a lovely Sunday roast for a reasonable price. Fort Nelson | Royal Armouries


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Clandon Park, recently refurbished, home of the Queen's Royal Surreys' Museum. Small, but nice, within a NT house so will cost!
The Museum

There are probably others in the area (RAMC, Loggies, ABF, etc) but that's the real one :)


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The Royal Marines Museum in Portsmouth is very good.

Winchester has the following museums:

The Royal Hampshire Regiment
The Gurkhas
The Royal Green Jackets (or is it the LI?)
The Royal Hussars (IIRC)
The RLC museum is at Deepcut Barracks if you'd like to learn about making egg banjos throughout the ages?

They may have a new display on "assisted suicides"?


You have also got an amazing REME museum in arborfield,it does cost a couple of the queens finest pounds to get in though,but well worth it!!!


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In or near Portsmouth:

D-Day Museum on Southsea front
Royal Marines Museum at Eastney
HMS Victory
HMS Warrior
Royal Naval Museum
RN Submarine Museum (on the Gosport side of the harbour)
Fort Nelson on Portsdown Hill (as earlier post)
The Royal Armouries Museum at Fort Nelson takes some beating, especially as it's free. For something different, try the Explosion! Museum of Naval Firepower at Gosport, across the harbour from Portsmouth. It is on the site of the old RN Armament Depot at Priddy's Hard and incorporates some impressive Victorian architecture. It has everything from a Polaris A3 ICBM and a nuclear bomb to heavy guns, missiles, mines, torpedoes, anti-submarine mortars, depth charges and small arms.


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