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Good morning!

Good morning! Friday again! All is good!

The weather in Wilton is a bit chilly, but quite sunny, for a change. No rain as yet.

A great weekend planned, I hope you're all good :)
No, I'm outraged, and so is everyone else on here.


Book Reviewer
Nobody works in Wilton, especially on a Friday.
Ok, fair point, I'm sort of sat at my desk......getting my invoice for the weeks "graft" signed :)
B_AND_T, good point, and now I'm really worried, smudge! You mean you're regularly at Wilton?! That's terrifying, I was happier believing you to be in the far north, far away from me!

You don't... LIVE in the area do you?!
I'm in Wilton everyday! I live in Surrey though. I sometimes stay down in Salisbury for a night on the lash.

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