Good MOLLE pouches for the side of Motherlode

As it says on the tin, what are the best MOLLE pouches to put on the side of the motherlode, are there any that are large enough to hold PRC354/ spare batts? there seems to be only three rows of Molle below the zip, what does anyone recommend?
Shop around. Blackhawk! Tactical Taylor, warrior are all good makes, stay away from viper and webtex cos their shite.
Personally, if you are about to deploy on ops, i would recommend you wait till you get issued the new Osprey. It has 23 pouches included with it - including utility, med, LMG and sharpshooter mag ontop of single, double and triple mags, grenades, admin etc. So far I have yet to see anyone able to fit all of them on the body armour! There may well be one there that meets your needs and they are in MTP too! You will also get a grab/man-bag and the new daysack too.
Do not buy the Templar Assault Systems or TAS as it is known it is equivilant to Web - Tex and falls apart, go with the link coops sent you, I have heard good things about the kit, it has been bought by a whole recce platoon deploying, remember it is only new so will have to wait for reports on it excellence
Is TAS stuff really that bad?! looks to be the business, especially with the molle loops on the outside blending in with the rest of the cam.
It is that bad, not only has the quality been questioned a number of times they are making kit that is blatantly wrong, one example is there Sniper Bean Bag

They have just looked at what others are doing and thought hey we can do that but a bit better and with no knowledge of what a sniper needs they have put molle straps on it, the bean bag should be as sock like as possible, in fact socks are still used today. They are in fact selling an item that is unfit for its title. It may be good just as a rest for a rifle but it is not good for snipers. So its either mistitled or a complete charlatan trick. The above comments are no detriment to RVOP's who are a good shop, but should know better.

If you want to buy a Sniper Bean Bag try this

There are loads of others in america that make some suitable alternatives, but making your own out of a sock is better than TAS. Plus it would probably last longer

This is one example

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