Good mind-boggling online game if you get bored!

ok ok got through to annoying dancing man showing me a point. WTF are you supposed to do next. HELP!
Everybody seems to have items that make complete obvious sense in the game such as the power cord from the drawer. What electricals do you have in the room? The hifi maybe? And why can't you turn it on? ITS NOT PLUGGED IN!! Plug the cord into the hifi just by clicking it and power the hifi by pressing the button the left of the system. Click the cd tray and it should open to reveal an item..

Use 2 of your keys on the drawers to open them for items.

Open the curtains at the window to get the ring on the window sill and try also opening and closing the curtains loadsa times and something will fall out.

There seems to be alot of places that are hard to click on. The trick is to move the mouse slowly while clicking non stop and you'll find the hot spots.

Try looking underneatht he chest of drawers. Under the pillow. Between the headboard and the matress. On the floor behind the headboard (this item falls out when you open/close the curtains loads of times. Try below the foot of the bed.

How to get the movie I hear people ask?! You need to activate that brown box you got in your inventory. It needs 2 rings and the little bar. It should open now. You now need a baterry and a tape. The movie should now play.

Ahh yes the movie the easiest part I thought. Watch what the guy does with his actions. He points at the end does he not??! Click the cross hatch he points to AFTER THE MOVIE ANIMATIONS FINISH. A square should appear in the wall. Click the square and a door will open to a safe.

Use the last key on the safe, code is 1994, to get the screwdriver. Go to the door with the screwdriver UP CLOSE after clicking it once. Use screw driver on door knob and voila!!!
A lot slower than 4 mins but I'm out
Thank feck for that. Better see to to my neglected kids now.

Took about 15 mins.

Anyone tried the others yet?

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