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Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Gunny Highway, Dec 30, 2002.

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  1. Driver training, Leconfield, late 1986.  I loved the place.  I think it was a combination of learning to drive and the camp itself (yeah, it was a dump), but after the theory training in the classroom, I spent three weeks waiting to start my driver training, so each day was spent (in October) going around the camp and carrying out duties such as sweeping the roads, general maintenance in the blocks and helping the civvies in the stores, all with loads of GADAFFI breaks.  After basic and then Wallop, Leconfield was a welcomed breeze.  The PT sessions were also a giggle.  300+ troops going over the assault course in one go, or the BFT on the side road next to the camp, the one which you could cut nearly half a mile off by jumping the side gate !!  Then the driver training with the civvie instructor.  Stopping at the road side cafes, driving for miles on end and getting paid for it, plus waving to the girlies in Hull and Beverley.   Weather was unseasonable as well, bright and warm.  Oh, to be able to turn the clock back.

    Anyone else care to share some good memories?
  2. Was tracy trog around at Leconfield then, She was from Beverley and had been through nearly everyone on camp

    Classy chick, all her tattoos were spelt right
  3. Me thinks you mean 'Bev' from Beverley, or was she another trogacrockerpiglet?  Bev had some very nice tat's.  Had the pleasure of going back to her gaff  one night for tea and crumpets, and was shocked at all the dog poo on the carpet......

    Anywhooo, good memories please.  I'm bored in work.
  4. I can remember hiding in my locker on friday PT, so as soon as it had started, i could do one over the fence....

    NAAFI Bop was fun with the WRACs and Beverley was run the gauntlet with the locals....

    Downside though, had to be those horrible sarnie bags...barf

  5. Leconfield...........Oh What bitter - sweet memories I have of thet place.

    So..... There was a Tracy trog and a Big bev.  They were not one of the same and believe me when I say Big Bev stole the show in Cornwall on 11 Aug 1999.  Total eclipse sized Girl she was. Had her own post code they say.  Tracy Trog was the ugliest thing since Bomber Harris in Hilderbanana.  But they say she gave good tips on tooth gardening in the musky forrest.  Bridlington just up the road - Mountbattans Pub - in the summer on B1 driver cse 1985. Shagsville North Yorkshire.  Or the Ferret and Sprout in Driffield where the perfect woman lived. The dwarf with the flat head, fold back teeth and the ability to turn into a six pack and a beef sandwich after midnight.  If anybody new Tim Draper, he knew the dwarf vey well.  LA's in Hull on a wed grab a granny night, or up the tower for an hour where you always trapped off but at the same time always managed to get your head panned in.  Oh how I remember Leconfield well. ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
  6. Wow, I remember the dwarf, didn't she drive a mini van (florists van, or something).  She took me and the lads to some collegue 'do'.  We couldn't help but laugh at her feet trying to reach the pedals.  Can only remember one nite club in Hull, and that was Adam and Eve's.  Remember copping off with a beautiful lady on a Saturday night and having a great time, and arranging to meet her the following Wednesday, only prob was we failed the Wednesday morning room inspection, so we had another bull night that night.  Never saw her again.        :(

    Is Bev still alive?  I'd have thought she'd have dead of something horrible by now.

    Any other good memories of Leconfield or Wallop?
  7. The Country Bumpkin in Andover was great. You could always be guaranteed a fight between 3 para and the Irish Rangers.  Yank Painter would always start something then sink off into cloak mode while the rest of us were left to sort out the ruckus.  

    Seco three with the Fraud squad. Getting billed for black feet that they took of your bed. Bail scrumping for Big Barry.  The Big Question at the end of training, "How much would you pay for a posting to Cyprus young man"? B3 Groundcrew Trg in Oakhampton, watching Jim Yates come in off the hoy and being late for the Chicken Curry Supper.  There was none left so he decided the best way to fend off the attack of the munchies was to go through all the lads leftovers looking for the best bits.  Paddy Rice an Tam McHugh starting a riot with the local Bude Chapter of the Hells Angels.  20 lads tanked up on scrumpy doing a moving debus from a bedford and nearly causing a national incident.  What fun, and that was the relatively harmless stuff.
  8. Delivering pizza in Belfast with my mate who did deliveries at the weekend.  I used to pretend to be her cousin from England.  We went to all the top towns; The Markets, Short Strand, New Lodge, the Lower Falls.  Delivered many 'Four Seasons' to personalities houses, and was always quizzed 'who R yew?', to which I’d reply,  'I'm Michelle's cousin from England'.  

    Mind you, a couple of times my knees would knock cos some of them were the top blokes would gave me long, hard stares, plus we also got stopped a few times by Army/RUC roadblocks.
  9. Another one.  Who used to get satisfaction out of actually sweeping the hanger?  I don't know why (probably therapeutic), but I actually loved sweeping the hanger, from top to bottom.  For those who never did line duty, or sweep the floor, you just wouldn't understand.  Nurse is now putting my straight jacket back on.
  10. Watching RSM Woods at 1 Regt - late 80's, running backwards on a regt run and showing off to the boys before running into a bedford and smashing the wing mirror.  Laugh...........I nearly asked for a posting to
    Wat-a-shame, but it wasn't ours then.

    Running behind Chaz L on a BFT and watching  him, after he had had a spot of weight gain problem.  Light only shone for a nanno second on eather side of him. He became the human strobe. Dont get me wrong though, he was a top bloke and looked after the boys. He also took pride in the Minden slit trench.

    On Minden closing down, one bloke got hammered and decided to go the the Naafi for more beer. It was fun watching him take the last bend to the new hangar and loosing it, bringing the annomometer down through the fence.  Al Cop*$y went berswerk. I thought it was funny. He's a pilot now.

    Who remembers Forrest then? Or "Big Wood"?
  11. The Pilla Bar in Hilderbanna!  Not to mention Daves Bar!  The owner of Daves Bar was an old trout and compo sausages were on the menu!

    Her sister was married to Sgt (252) 'load and meaningless shouting' Trundle!  So I wonder where she got the rations from??????????????????????

    Top pub though and never really closed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good Memory, Burger Lincoln standing on a chair to dance and put his head through the lowered ceiling!

    I also think Mongo Mills left his other kidney in there!
  12. Uncle F, were you in 661 banana in Gulf War 1? ;D
  13. I was there with 661!

    Just sent you a message.

  14. Ginge Ch$*k forming 661 up at the Regi Bar and marching us to Daves bar.  Dave Farrel (Who is out and living in Hannover and is chief Loadie for Hapag Lloyd at HAJ airport) getting hammered and pissing over the pool table then throwing up on Flip top.

    Ginge G pi$$ing by numbers. he had the largest bladder in the world and his Pi$$ stunk.
  15. Ginge C*****, another AAC legend.  1992, I was marched into his office at 9 Regt and accused of forming a squad outside the NAAFI bar the night before and marching them around the camp and parading them outside the Guardroom..... nakid !!  Only it wasn't me, it was Boris B******** and his accomplice, Scouse T***.  I got a whack to the testicles  :eek: for Boris's antic's !!