Good memories of Chichester and RMPTS

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Fedex99, Aug 11, 2007.

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  1. On a higher note, what about the good memories of Chi? We should be able to fill this string with some memories. Nothing before 1995 though!
  2. Why nothing before 1995?

    From what I can see very little of note happened from then onwards.
    Now in 1965 things were not quite so PC as they are now and the odd bit of summary justice was administered. Good clean fun with the added frisson of possibly, but very unlikely, being done for ABH.

    Perhaps it would be a bit too scary to relate any stories in this new namby pamby society so I'll just shut up and let you kiddies get on with it!
  3. Only high point was when it was shut down, and you all had to move.

    As soon as we can get the RMP shut down the better. outsource all it's tasks and p45 the lot.
  4. I think my highpoint was getting jackpot on the puggy the day i left, hell yeah!
  5. Sprog!
  6. Hear hear EDM.
    I don't go back as far as 65 but things were certainly not PC in the mid 70's either.
    Can,t give names,dates etc for obvious reasons but it was an interesting time to say the least. Maybe there are tales of derring do from such things as the Chi March to give the young uns something to think on? For instance the drunken Cpl from 150 who managed to climb to the top of the beer tent (full blown marquee not a poncy gazeebo if you recall), fcuk knows how or why, then fell through the lacing to land flat on his back on a table below to the amusement of the assembled company who most sympathetically soaked him with beer! You know that sort of thing, what do you reckon?
  7. Choclate? Would that be the bitter type?
    Do I detect the sound of a previous collar feeling hard done to having been captured?LOL
  8. More likely someone who 'hates' RMP 'cos that's what all the big boys said when he joined up and he 'hates' them because he thinks it sounds cool, like he's been somewhere and done something maybe.
  9. You fu**ing c*ck. What unit are you with? I bet you got SNLR'd for being a tube you ******* arse. If you are not RMP/Ex RMP, **** off this thread.
  10. Well said!! fcuk off you tw@t :twisted:
  11. I remember living in a four man room with a soap dodger, a snorer and a guy who spent 24 hrs a day sending text messages on his old Nokia 3210, the good part of this is that I have not met any of them since leaving Chi.
  12. Always remember going back to Chi for the SPC(Senior Promotion Course) in 77 and going out on the end of course piss up and getting stopped by the local old bill, who suddenley realised and stated"You lot must be from the SPC", so were probably not the first or the last. Only visited the Depot on 3 occassions, gld I was out of it, but did have a good piss up one evening with T-- La----, a good night even though it cost me a bit when I didnt makethe conference I was there for.
  13. Remember a mass series of phone calls to Civpol when a cetain PTI had squads running round camp with firearms and respirators on. Local residents thought WW3 had broken out. Ran inside the camp after that.
  14. You bunch of knobs! Nothing before '95? Slagging a guy 'cos he owns a 3210? Cretins coming out of South Park who make me ashamed to be RMP. I look forward to meeting you all.
  15. Ah, Mr Monkey,

    Given your earlier comments regarding my attitude towards people, perhaps you would like to retract the 'Bunch of knobs' and 'Cretins' comments in order to maintain the moral high ground you so comfortably assume.

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