Good map case?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by KleenUpGuy, May 25, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone reccomend a godo map case for walking and military use?
    Mayeb obvious but needs to be:
    Able to hold a map (obviously)
    Possibility to place other items in such as notebook etc.
    Able to be slung round neck then placed under smock.
    Easy to access and remove document.
  2. Have one with most of the above features if ur interested in Dom
  3. 9x14" zip-lok freezer and they come on roll.

    Why do you want to hang it round your neck when you have map you want to look like a rambler?

  4. Just an idea but what about a good sized transparent plastic bag that you can get your map (suitably fabloned) in, your notebook in, and your hand in (complete with chinagraph pencil of course) and all remains dry while you take notes etc... (hopefully)

    Edit to add... Forgot about Stabilo pencils
  5. I'm led to believe that Ortlieb map cases are recommended by the DS on most of the Brecon courses, but having never been, I can't speak with authority on it. Having said that I'm pretty sure it was on a thread in the Infantry forum, and ISTR that about half said just to fablon the map and leave it at that. Hope this helps.
  6. The map case by Webtex is pretty good and not quite shite like everyone thinks, and ticks all those boxes
  7. Would recommend one by Ortlieb. The most waterproof case that I have used. Furthermore the plastic is of a soft design so causes less wear to your map and is easier to fold to the area you want to view.


  8. ortlieb map cases all the way. virtually bomb proof ive had mine for over 4 years and still going strong. i use an a4 size one for a map and and a5 size one for notebook/pencils.
  9. X59

    X59 LE

    Agree with the Ortlieb option. Winner.

    Spent a lot of dosh on map cases which didn't last.

    Been using the ortlieb for years, still good as the day I bought it. Works out way cheaper.

    Wouldn't **** around putting other shit inside the map case tho. Fold the map, seal it and leave it be.
  10. I found the Ortlieb ones to be pretty websters. One ripped, and the other is permanently stained after using lumocolours.

    I now fablon the map and use bulldog clips to hold the fold. KISS.
  11. Also thoroughly recommend Ortlieb. Does everything a map case needs to do: protects the map, and otherwise doesn't get in the way. Otherwise, Sea to Summit also do a good one, it's just quite stiff and can't be folded unlike the ortlieb one..
  12. X59

    X59 LE

    Fair one. But KISS ?
  13. I use a big clear plastic bag - get them free from work