Good Luck

And if you're unsuccessful you can try one of these new pills:

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Well done to all the techs. Ring the bell!!

Seen the signal with all the techs on it, is there another with other trades or was it a Tech only board?

Good luck to all those "Considered Promotable", but not yet fully qualified. a mad rush for CLM before October begins!!

Just seen the other signal. 33 Is Engrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I imagine the competition will be stiff from Cpl - Sgt over the next few years!!!

5 Driver Linemen, 17 Tech Supp Spec, unsure about EDs - I think it was about 12/13.
5 fcuking drivers .....................what the fcuk is the point..................fcuk this siht ..................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
thank you you know the names? could you send them via personal message ?
regards in advance .
from me.
im an RS i a came off, not rubbing it in , but u r right about the driver board youve been sh1t on again,speaking as a man who knows.
Ive seen the reg numbers on some whove come off and i know why the rest of the army thinks we are cnuts
good luck next year
pull it in.

Yes it is annoying and frustrating but trades such as yours the ED and Inst Tech are very small compared to the others (who also have a supervisory route)

For us it takes a lot of work and dedication to make it past the board, the other trades maybe wont appreciate that so much but it is true but we simply do not have the slots.

5 Drivers is actually quite good when said and done and remember there is every chance that a couple more may come off the reserve list if an opportunity arises.

Chin up!
disco , this is all true.......but even lcpl - cpl was small last year seems to get harder every chin is still up , as i have recived a huge upercut from MRO glasgow !!
many thanks for the moral,if only it could be bottled and sold, you my friend would be a rich man.

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