Good Luck

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by milkybar, May 26, 2005.

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  1. Would like to say good luck to all for the Cpl - Sgt board out next week
  2. Here's wishing all measure up to the short arm inspections also.
  3. good luck

    aye carumba
  4. And if you're unsuccessful you can try one of these new pills:


    (click to enlarge)

  5. VERY FUNNY.........I think I will get me an order of those
  6. Remember lads, when you come off, keep a hold of that backbone, and there is such a word as "NO".
  7. results are out today !
  8. out and seen
  9. Well done to all the techs. Ring the bell!!

    Seen the signal with all the techs on it, is there another with other trades or was it a Tech only board?

    Good luck to all those "Considered Promotable", but not yet fully qualified. a mad rush for CLM before October begins!!

  10. Just seen the other signal. 33 Is Engrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I imagine the competition will be stiff from Cpl - Sgt over the next few years!!!

  11. how many driver linemen where there on this board??how many EDs many stores?
  12. 5 Driver Linemen, 17 Tech Supp Spec, unsure about EDs - I think it was about 12/13.
  13. 5 fcuking drivers .....................what the fcuk is the point..................fcuk this siht ..................ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    thank you you know the names? could you send them via personal message ?
    regards in advance .
    from me.
  14. im an RS i a came off, not rubbing it in , but u r right about the driver board youve been sh1t on again,speaking as a man who knows.
    Ive seen the reg numbers on some whove come off and i know why the rest of the army thinks we are cnuts
    good luck next year
  15. OR, Congrats matey