Good luck to this young man

Teenager taking on the world solo

So what do you need to become a round-the-world solo skipper? Years of experience? Steely determination? Heaps of financial backing?

The answer would be a "Yes" to all three, but Michael Perham, from Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, is determined to succeed despite only having the determination.

Sponsorship has been hard to secure for a trip costing an estimated £200,000 and Michael has only been sailing for nine years. Read More...

Good luck.
Nice to see the British tradition of barking-mad amateurs attempting suicide in imaginative ways is not dead. Good luck to him!
There are decent kids out there, yes I know the chavscum get loads of media exposure, but you only need look at the youngsters we are sending to Herrick and Telic to see that there is still hope for British youth.
Is this the same young man who sailed across the atlantic a couple of years ago, only to be slagged off for being "posh" and "advantaged"?
I wish him the very best, a shining example
Yes good luck young man!

There will always be someone to have a 'dig' at him from the media..
as he doesn't fit the bill of a council estate bum 'done good'
they will argue he is expected to do well..knobs!
I joined the army at 16, and the Solo train journey to the North of England was scary enough, these days their Parents drop them off at AFC (H).

So for this young man to embark upon such an adventure at such an age deserves national recognition. Unfortuantely though, our country only really rewards failure and success is sneered upon.

Good Luck and a safe voyage to a very brave young man.

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