Good lord...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by numbered_3, Jan 20, 2007.

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  1. ...What have i done?
    I've just sorted my old man out membership to a free porn site ( Cheers suits_u ) I feel like a real wrong'un!
    He's sat in the kitchen watching full length movies! Being a batchelor pad i can't see the problem in this, But your old man watching grot...
  2. Better than him playing a lead role in it, with your sister.
  3. now THAT is caring for the elderly! :)
  4. Well done that man , someone with a bit of sense for a change
  5. Fair enough Moody, rather him with my sister than watching you perform on him though!
    Either way i'd get off on both. :thumright:
  6. Buy him some nipple clamps for fathers day.
  7. Or ask Moody to lend you hers !! (Sorry MB, couldn't resist that one!)
  8. ...see if your old man wants a quick 'reach around'...
  9. I'd only worry if he asks you for the kleenex.
  10. ...Or a hand!
  11. Why? You saying you wouldn't help him out?

    What kind of son are you!
  12. No as long as it's not a homo site could always have a soggy bisuct contest together
  13. N3,

    I'm just slightly concerned about your current location coupled together with what your old man is gettin up to at the mo.......!

    Maybe on second should have some kleenex handy!
  14. True but him being in his 50's may be a slight disadvantage!
    ...He has to wait for the Viagra to kick in and i'll be well and truly finished by then!
    "Go on dad you old cnut! get that fcuking biscuit down ya!"
  15. Fortunately he is just 'watching' at the moment,
    Fcuk knows what he'll be up to once i've gone out on the pish!
    It need not bare imagining!