Good looking women in the Corps.

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Chinggis, Feb 21, 2006.

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  1. The title for this forum mentions "DAMNED good looking girls", so how about a few examples to confirm it? Darth_Doctrinus mentioned "the uber-babe D***** B**********" a while ago, and I'd concur with that.

    The one that really sticks in my mind, though, was C**** R******, who went through Ashford with Squad 104, if I'm not mistaken. I met her when she was at 43 Sy Sect and last heard of her at 96, don't know what she did after that. Gorgeous, and a cracking lass too.

    Any other nominations? Does the Doris that was on the recent cover of Soldier count?
  2. think this one has been done before mate, quite a while ago though... i think it may have been pulled by the mods as slightly offensive to those who didn't get a mention!
  3. Was also pulled, I think, on opsec grounds.
  4. Good effort for trying to start it again though.
  5. Indeed.. it turned out we have far too many good looking women and OPSEC became an issue. People's initials were fine from that standpoint but the inevitable "XX was a babe, but ferk me.. did you see the kip of ZZ?!" quickly reared it's head. Too much scope for offense in this forum I'm afraid!
  6. Hmm a particular instructor at Quicksands has caught most of the young lads eyes. But it shall be between us in the block. :p
  7. being as this is a mildly contentious subject and in the int corps forum...i'll give it about 3 more posts before it gets shut down!!!
  8. for what its worth lizzy 'X'.... is pretty fit
  9. i'm glad you said "it" not "she"... :)
  10. A bit of balance: screamingly ugly blokes. Somehow they make the best mates to go downtown with. Don't know why, but maybe the shock effect makes the slapper population think that the next best thing (who happens to be standing next to the ugly bugger) might be worth a cursory fondle, or more. I've been, on various occasions, either the decoy or the Brut-oozer, depending on who the mate is, his blackhead-count, personal odour and proclivity towards flared trousers and nasal drip.
    Armagh was always the best testbed for this activity, for some unknown reason. More research needed, from younger workers in the field.
  11. ...Not you, CR.
  12. ...You're almost certainly too old and undesireable already.
  13. Hmm.. PM me some info! :D I'll keep an eye out for her! She a senior or one of them newfangled juniors?
  14. that's not what you said last night, you sweet-talker you...
  15. i can think of at least 2 baby scaring female instructors at quicksands