Good looking MALE hunks......

Hhhmmmm...Nice piccy Davros - Fancy a date??? hehe ;D :p  You have my vote so far, even though there's only 2 pics on here now......But still, we want one of your BUMS boyz!  ;D

Bluenugget......Wots the matter chum, not got the bol*ocks to put your pic on here mate?  Come on the other MEN have! Get out of that hole of yours and get sending the CO the e-mail......You never know...You may get top vote!! ;D ;)

P.S No fu*king KILTS B_N!! ;D
Anytime!!   8)

Maybe RASS will prove even better than expected!  ;D ;)
What a treat to come back after a long weekend with my gorgeous boy to find more gorgeous boys who have been sporting enough to take us up on our challenge.
Jolly well done!
Cmon lads,youve let this post beome a little stale lately,you don't even have to put a picture up of yourself,you can just talk about your amazing,or not so amazing qualities as well you know.....the ladies are waiting  ;D
This thread has lost it's impetus.  It has gone rather ...erm flaccid.   No more takers?  How about the ladies issuing a top 5 of the men they would most like to see snaps of..?  I'll kick off with Grownups_beware and woopert.....
Well I could give you a link to a photo of woopert in a loverly pink shirt but I'm afraid he can also give links to far too many photos of me  :eek:

so I think I'll just sit this one out ;D


War Hero
Well well well!!

Ladies please!!

If you will insist of demanding equality in the wearing of trousers, shooting guns and joining the boys at jolly old soldiers, then surely you should be game to show something of yourselves first???

Gone are the days of inequality I'm afraid.  For my part I'll gladly provide a photograph of myself in return for your exposure (in the most inoffensive and modest sense, of course!!)

What say you then?
Well, I was told I was good looking, and looked younger than I am......

errrrrrrr it was me Colonel wot said it, and I may have taken his remarks out of context

errrrrrrrr ;D


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If you just pop next door to the OWP library, you can sign out a digital camera... ;)

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