Good looking MALE hunks......

I don't hava a camera.. Ah.. but I know a man that does!

I'll work on it and get something to the CO by the end of the day..
Don't believe him F_C! We'll believe it when we see it......Come on Davros, be the second STUD to add your piccy.............. :p
They should be winging their way to the COs' inbox(es?) as we speak.  If they both get posted, I'm the one in the hat...  or do I mean inebreiated(?)?
Tree.  Bit random eh..

Maybe I should have posted the nekkid ones then!  ;)
Well it was!  :eek:

You know what they say about the penis!

Long and thin go too far in and discontent the ladies,
whereas short and thick do just the trick to manufacture babies!

As soon as the CO finishes his Sunday Lunch, you'll see..!
Another man stands up (well figuratively speaking) to be counted!



GQ, There you go mate
....I don't know what size your 'willie' is but you have got a pretty big set of B a l l s!! ;D
As you can now all see.  I'm not really a dalek.


I couldn't get an actual photo, however, you did ask for a similarity........
...of course this is me in my younger days, when I was slimmer, fitter and had more hair. ;D

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