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Good looking MALE hunks......


War Hero
I deemed that since the CO and all you other blokes out there have your own post to drool over the good looking pictures of the women that we tend to send in,(sarcasticaly) that us few birds on this site might enjoy drooling over a few of you 'sexy men' :-X that tend to use this site!!

So come on male members.......We want pics! Or at least a description on what type of male celebrity/lookalike you resemble........

No fighting over who's best looking - Us chicks will decide!!! ;D ;D :eek:
You would be thinking of me then........ :D
Do they??,that seems a bit stupid if you ask me,i wouldnt have a clue how to post pics on here anyhow,and besides i aint putting up no pics of myself on here  ;D,i just prefer to giggle at everyone elses efforts........but at least their trying  ;D


War Hero
Even a resemblence from the Internet!  And no dic*heads putting on big Arnie/Sylvester etc...pretending you look like them!!

Nuff said....
Where is the CO's stash of girly pics then?  I have not found it. Unless you mean Lonely Hearts..?  ;)

But I add my voice to call for the men to reveal almost all on this board.  

As ARRSE-keepers though perhaps Good CO and Bad CO want to keep their identities a mystery in case the thought police put black marks on their files....?

No one else has any excuse - although obviously if Good CO wants to provide evidence of his much-exalted charms, we wouldn't complain.


War Hero
Don't think any of the men have the balls to announce themselves on here, do you guys?

Shame shame to the male species of the universe!!

"leeanne leaves the room absolutely gutted" :'( :'( :'( :'( ;D

Bad CO

Anyone who wants a picture of themselves displayed just email it to us and we'll add it to the site and send you the url so you can link it.  Easy peasy.

As F_S has so astutely spotted the good geezer and myself are playing a little bit shy..... just in case!


War Hero
Not bad at all matey........... ;)

At least you have the bal*s to do it!  Nothing to be ashamed of there, Nice One!!

So where's the rest of them?  Anyone think that they can take the handsome look from Gunners then??

And lift off....... ;D

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