Good looking couple in the Crafty?

I don't really have a problem with bumders in the army, especially when not in my corps, but should lovers serve in the same unit?

The latest crafty, page 554. Oh and don't ask me to post a link, because I can barely work these crazy electronic typewriter boxes.
Theres nothing wrong with a bit of man love especially when your crammed in the 3rd mans of a 434........... saying that Lycra is a bit dodgy.

On the same page I the only one thinking OCs are looking younger now a days.
IRON I do hope that was a fish for a wah!

If not a have a re-read of the caption fellah.

Looks for fishing rod
I bet it is, so you can spaff over it, you dirty wrong 'un. REMEs, degenerate bumders one and all.
I never saw that in my job description but eh oh it might be a DIRTY job but someones got to do it.
Such a sweet couple, enjoying the nice sunshine.
Ok I was looking at the picture on the next page...DOH...they look much Ga....i mean happier
Post the piccies then.
It can get cold in the 434 Penthouse suite.........its called Ftr crew bonding
Iron, what happens in the penthouse, stays in the penthouse!!

Seriously though we were always to knackered from work or drinking or a combination of the two, to be doing anything more than crash out in our gonk bags.


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